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What should i do if.....?

I have missed classes or deadlines due to illness?

There is a new online process for self certification of illness if you have missed classes or academic deadlines as a result of ill health. Please see here for full information on the self certification process and to access the online form. Please note that you should submit the form AFTER your last day of ill health but within 5 calendar days of that date. A postgraduate student may self-certify on two occasions per three month period for a maximum of seven consecutive calendar days on each occasion. The two opportunities for self-certification cannot be used consecutively (e.g. it is not possible to self-certify twice for seven days to cover a consecutive fourteen day period). If you are ill for longer than the period covered by self-certification then you should be consulting a doctor.

Please contact if you have any questions after reading the online information available, and we will be happy to assist you.

I have been unwell, or absent from academic commitments, but haven’t missed any exams or deadlines?

Please see here for the online information relating to self certification of illness, and to access the online form. You should submit this AFTER the last day of your period of ill health but within 5 days of that date. This enables you to correctly record the number of days you were unwell. The form can be submitted in advance if you know the period you will be absent due to health issues - for example, planned medical procedure.

Please contact if you have any queries or need any additional support in relation to this.

I’m experiencing some general difficulties?

Don’t worry alone - contact the College Student Support Team ( who can offer you a listening ear, support, guidance and practical advice.

I want to appeal a confirmed decision of the Board of Examiners regarding a mark for an assignment, a viva outcome or other academic process/outcome?

Contact the Student Support Team who can advise you regarding the process, how to complete the appeals form, how to collect the necessary evidence and how to submit the appeal. Please note that you cannot appeal against academic judgment. Familiarise yourself with the Appeals Procedures in the Learning and Teaching Handbook.

I have serious adverse circumstances during the examination period?

The Learning and Teaching Handbook contains detailed information on the University’s regulations concerning Student Absence, Illness and Adverse Circumstances.

Please contact your department and the College Student Support Team to discuss your circumstances. It is helpful if you draft a Serious Adverse Circumstances Form before meeting with staff, you can find this in DUO (banner self service).

I have been issued with a Departmental Warning or Academic Progress Notice?

If you fail to make satisfactory academic progress you will be issued with a departmental warning, or in some cases, straight away an Academic Progress Notice (APN). The warning/notice will inform you exactly you need to do to rectify the situation and in what time frame.

Contact the College Student Support Team who will who will guide you through the requirements, talk through the circumstances affecting your academic progress, and make sure that you receive all the appropriate support available to you.

I am moving to Durham with my family and need to find a school for my children?

Read our Family Guide with information on schooling. You can also go directly to the Durham County Council information on School places and admissions.

I have been diagnosed with or have a suspected infectious disease?

It is your GP surgery’s responsibility to notify the correct authorities on the diagnosis of an infectious disease. However, please notify the College Student Support Team as soon as you can so the College can take the appropriate precautions and inform relevant departments (where appropriate and necessary to do so). Please note that this is required whether you live in or out of College. It is helpful if you can provide the following information:

  • your full name and student ID number
  • your course
  • whether you live in or out of College
  • the name of the infectious disease
  • whether there has been a firm diagnosis by a doctor or you have just been advised that you may have the disease.

If you have an infectious disease, take advice about whether you should come into contact with other people. 

I’m struggling financially?

Contact the Student Support Team who can discuss the situation with you in detail, give you practical advice about sources of funding and help you with budgeting. See here for information about hardship funding and other sources of financial help.

I’m being harassed or bullied, or know someone else who is?

All students have the right to study in an environment which is free from harassment and bullying.

Contact the College Student Support Team to report the harassment or bullying – they will listen to you and advise you about appropriate action and support.

Consult the Respect at Study Policy and Code of Practice and Procedures for Students to make a Complaint about Harassment.

Contact the University’s Counselling Service for further support.

I haven’t been able to study due to personal circumstances and I need more time?

Talk to your department as soon as you know you will need more time – you can apply for a concession to be granted an extension to your deadlines.

Also, contact the College Student Support Team, who can advise regarding your personal circumstances, what evidence you may be required to produce and how to complete the concession request.

I have a question that isn’t answered on this page?

Contact the College Student Support Team. You may see the answer to your question appear here soon, for the benefit of other students.