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Junior Common Room

The Junior Common Room or JCR is the undergraduate student community at Butler College.

It is an organisation run by students, for students and works to develop the social activities and development opportunities interests of its members. Our own students run every single sport, society, and committee and event and with so many, there’s a lot to get involved with and plenty of opportunities for student leadership.

The JCR is led by the elected sabbatical officers, the President and the FACSO (Financial and Community Services Officer) as well as the student Executive Committee. The JCR is run by the entire student body through JCR Meetings which give each student a vote on JCR decisions!

The emphasis on student-led organisation gives Butler its unique sense of community. Getting involved in a club, society or committee can provide you with an invaluable experience to add to your academic degree. You’ll learn new skills, meet new people, and help to shape the college community. The JCR makes your college experience truly memorable, and you will see the hard work of all of the students who volunteer their time to contribute to it through every club you join, every formal you dine at, every event you attend.

To become a JCR member, you must pay your levy, this money means the JCR can provide all the sports, societies, and committees as well as events such as Fresher’s week so that you can have the best college experience! Non-members will not be able to use the facilities owned by the JCR and will have to pay a premium to join clubs and attend events.

Students chatting and laughing in a shared common room