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Middle Common Room

The MCR, or Middle Common Room, is a student-run body in our College consisting of postgraduate, 4th-year undergraduate and mature students. The MCR exists to complement and enhance your academic studies, providing academic opportunities, welfare support, as well a comprehensive social calendar.

The MCR is run by the Executive Committee consisting of fellow students. This committee is elected at the start of the academic year, so there will be opportunities for you to get involved with the organisation and running of activities that the MCR puts on throughout the year.

Whether you want to play your favourite sport or instrument, try a new society, come on trips around the country, learn about something new at our Scholars’ Suppers, join us on some fun socials, or enhance your leadership and management skills by running for a position on our committee – none of this would be possible without Butler’s Common Rooms. If you really want to make the most of your time in Durham and discover what makes this university so special by getting involved with activities outside of your academic studies, the MCR really is indispensable.


Check out this article by one of our students, about Life in the MCR at Josephine Butler.


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