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Centre for Advanced Instrumentation

Staff List

Telephone +44 (0)191 33 + Extension
Email Prefix +
NamePositionRoom NoEmail PrefixPhone Extension
Dr Alastair Basden Senior Adaptive Optics Scientist OCW015 a.g.basden 42229
Dr Nazim Bharmal Research Fellow OCW014 n.a.bharmal 41409
Dr Elvira Bohl Postdoctoral Research Associate OCW026 elvira.bohl 43716
Dr Cyril Bourgenot Research Associate Netpark cyril.bourgenot 44817
Dr David Bramall Mechanical Design Engineer Netpark d.g.bramall 44815
Dr Anthony Brown Assistant Professor PH125d anthony.brown 43678
Dr Timothy Butterley Research Associate OCW015 timothy.butterley 43714
Dr Ariadna Calcines Optical Engineer and Leader of Image Slicer Design Netpark/OCW024 ariadna.calcines 44814/3908
Prof Paula Chadwick Professor PH125c p.m.chadwick 43560
Prof Ian Chapman Visiting Professor Culham -
Mr Paul Clark Head of Engineering Netpark paul.clark 44820/43711
Ms Madeline Close Senior Project Manager Netpark/OCW020 madeline.m.close 44813
Ms Anne-Marie Dixon Fibre Technician Netpark 44755
Mr Marc Dubbeldam Senior Mechanical Engineer OCW021 c.m.dubbeldam 42228
Dr Colin Dunlop Senior Research Associate OCW025 43562
Dr Xiande Feng Postdoctoral Research Associate Netpark xiande.feng
Dr Larry Fitzpatrick Postdoctoral Research Associate OCW014 laurence.w.fitzpatrick 42277
Dr Deli Geng Senior Software Engineer OCW033 deli.geng 43540
Prof. John Girkin Professor OCW027/NetPark j.m.girkin 43589

Dr Stephen Goodsell

Programme Manager Netpark/OCW020 stephen.goodsell 44757
Mr Joss Guy Mechanical Engineer OCW021 joshua.j.guy 43483
Dr Andrew Kirby Optical Engineer OCW015 a.k.kirby 43774
Dr Penny Lawton Research Associate OCW026 p.f.lawton 43793
Prof. Gordon Love Professor OCW030 43696
Mr Gary McCallum Computer Systems Manager OCW034/Netpark gary.mccallum 43715/44816
Dr Lowry McComb Senior Fellow PH125b t.j.l.mccomb 43744
Dr Craig Manning Research Associate OCW025/Biology Dept craig.manning 43809/41312
Prof. Simon Morris Professor OCW028 simon.morris 43637
Dr Tim Morris Senior Research Fellow and Head Astronomical AO OCW022 t.j.morris 43584
Dr Graham Murray Senior Research Associate OCW025 g.j.murray 43541
Prof. Richard Myers Emeritus Professor OCW030 r.m.myers 43692
Dr Sam Nolan Research Associate PH125b s.j.nolan 43678
Dr Kieran O'Brien Associate Professor OCW029 kieran.s.obrien 43169
Dr James Osborn Senior Adaptive Optics Scientist OCW014 james.osborn 42277
Dr John Osborne Emeritus Senior Lecturer PH125b j.l.osborne 43678
Mr Ken Parkin Precision Engineer Netpark kenneth.parkin 44831
Dr Saavidra Perera Research Associate - saaidra.perera -
Dr Stephen Rolt Principal Optical Scientist NetPark stephen.rolt 44764
Dr Cameron Rulten Postdoctoral Research Assistant PH121 cameron.b.rulten 43655
Mr David Ryder Precision Engineer NetPark d.a.ryder 44828
Dr Christopher Saunter Assistant Professor OCW023 christopher.saunter 43643
Dr Juergen Schmoll Senior Research Associate Netpark jurgen.schmoll 44810
Prof. Ray Sharples Professor, Director & Head of Section of CfAI OCW031/Netpark r.m.sharples 43719/44819
Mr Benjamin Shaw Mechanical Design Engineer Netpark 44746
Dr Lazar Staykov Research Associate OCW033 lazar.staykov 43167
Ms Sharon Sutherland Fibre Technician NetPark G4 sharon.sutherland 44755
Dr Matthew Townson Research Software Engineer OCW014 matthew.townson 43974
Dr Luke Tyas Research Associate Netpark luke.m.tyas 44809
Mrs Claire Whitehill Administrative Secretary OCW001A claire.whitehill 43588
Dr Richard Wilson Associate Professor PH311 r.w.wilson 43663
Mr Eddy Younger Software Engineer OCW033 e.j.younger 43650

Research Students

NameRoom numberEmail AddressPhone Extension
Atreya Acharyya PH121 atrega.acharyya 43655
Joe Allcock Culham joseph.allcock -
Mark Corrigan OCW012 m.k.k.corrigan 43906
Nicolás Dubost OCW012 nicolas.s.dubost 43485
Oliver Farley OCW011 o.j.d.farley 43906
Abigail Finch OCW011 abigail.p.finch 43906
Sam Gibson Culham sam.gibson -
Jamie Graham PH121 jamie.a.graham 43655
Daniel Hölck OCW012 daniel.holck 43485
Andrew Jackson York andrew.r.jackson2
David Jenkins OCW012 d.r.jenkins 43485
Douglas Laidlaw OCW013 douglas.j.laidlaw 43573
Xuewen Liu OCW011 xuewen.liu 43906
Sheridan Lloyd PH121 sheridan.j.lloyd 43655
Amrit Lotay OCW013 a.s.lotay 43573
Vladimir Morozov OCW011 vladimir.f.morozov 43906
Adam Pickup-Gerlaugh OCW013 adam.pickup-gerlaugh 43573
Tiantian Sun Culham tiantian.sun -
Charlie Vincent Culham charles.h.vincent -
Huizhe Yang OCW012 huizhe.yang 43485


NameDatesInstitutionEmail AddressTel No/Room NoAssociated Member of Staff
Dr Peng Jia


Taiyuan University of Technology, China

OCW013 / 45373

Dr Alastair Basden

Dr Fionagh Thomson


University of Notre Dame OCW024 / 42269

Prof John Girkin

Mr Zhentou Zhang

20/10/17-31/10/19 OCW011

Dr Nazim Bharmal

Useful Numbers

Additional Facilities for the Department of Physics

FacilityRoom NoExtension
Adaptive Optics Control Room 27 43532
Adaptive Optics Lab 29
Multi-conjugate Adaptive Optics Lab 31
Spectroscopy Lab 33 44714
Fibre Lab 35 43629
Liquid Crystal Lab Office1 119a 43817
Liquid Crystal Lab Office2 119b 43774
SPANAS Lab 125a

Ogden Centre Reception

Reception 43909

OCW116 Meeting Room (teleconference)

OCW116 43374
OCW226 Meeting Room (teleconference) OCW226 43372
Hotdesk OCW014 43711

Additional Facilities for NETPark

FacilityRoom NoExtension