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Durham University

Centre for Advanced Instrumentation

Participants and titles



Richard Wilson The surface layer of optical turbulence at Paranal
Marc Sarazin Paranal Observatory: Comparing Image Quality inside the large telescopes to the seeing measured outside by a DIMM
James Osborn Optical turbulence profiling using Stereo-SCIDAR on La Palma
Tim Butterley Error sources in the estimation of atmospheric turbulence parameters from Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor data
Remy Avila Advantages of scintillation for optical turbulence profiling
Nazim Bharmal Frozen flow, or not? Investigating the predictability of the atmosphere
Aglae Kellerer Layer-oriented multi-conjugate AO for solar observations
Tony Travouillon Sonic Anemometers for optical turbulence measurement
Abdelouahed Abahamid SkyQuality Softwares for Extracting the Sky Quality from Cloud Mask Images offered by the Meteosat Satellite Second Generation database & The first results are for two sites Aklim (Morocco) and Hoyo Verde (Canary Islands)
David Buckley

Atmospheric Characterisation at the SAAO Sutherland Observatory

Thomas Pfrommer

Height-resolved turbulence measurements from inside and outside the CFHT dome using a lunar scintillometer

Feng Lu
Matt Townson Characterising Daytime atmospheric conditions in La Palma
René Racine Statistical Distribution and Evolution of Atmospheric Seeing
Laure Catala

PML - A high altitude resolution turbulence profiler

Julio Navarrete
Hongshuai Wang

Optical Turbulence Characterization by WRF model above Ngari, Tibet

Liyong Liu Multi-instrument Characterization for Optical turbulence at the Ali site, Tibet
Michael Daniel The Atmospheric Monitoring Strategy for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
Angel Otarola Atmospheric Transmission and Thermal Background Emission in the Mid-IR at Mauna Kea
Dora Fohring

Scintillation correction in exoplanet transit photometry

Xuan Qian

Numberical Calculations of Atmospheric Conditions over Tibetan Plateau by Using WRF Model

Florian Kerber The water vapour radiometer on Paranal: two years of operations
Richard Myers
Alastair Basden Simulation and laboratory demonstration of measurement and mitigation of dome seeing
Andrew Reeves
Urban Bitenc
Tim Morris

Turbulence Profiling and Adaptive Optics

Saavidra Perera
Jia Yin

Cloud Cover Measurement from All-sky Nighttime Images

Warren Skidmore Supporting classical and queue scheduled observations, interpretation of systematic artifacts in astronomical observations and forecasting of observing site conditions
Szymon Gladysz Adaptable adaptive optics and image processing at Fraunhofer IOSB
Edward Graham Search for an Astronomical Site in Kenya (SASKYA) update: Installation of on-site automatic meteorological stations
Raul Michel Robotic DIMM for remote sites. First results of Guadalupe Island Mexico
Andres Guesalaga Lessons learned from developing turbulence profilers for telescopes' facility instruments
Didier Queloz

Search for extrasolar planets: hopes and disappointments

Omar Cuevas Atmospheric simulations for the optical turbulence and seeing.
Daniel Hölck
Casiana Muñoz-Tuñon Evidence for dust drainage in height from the AERONET Canary Islands database
Julio Castro-Almazán The 'Natrium-Teide' experiment: 10 years of sodium layer of sodium layer observations at Teide Observatory (Canary Is.)
Leonardo Sánchez New generation LOLAS: Redesign of an Optical Turbulence Profiler with High Altitude-Resolution
Antonia Varela Towards a fully automatic and robust DIMM: DIMMA
Elisa Iniguez-Garin Measurements of the optical seeing isotropy at San Pedro Martir Observatory
David Hiriart Astronomical site testing and characterisation of the Guadalupe Island, Mexico
Tarun Kumar Sharma All Sky Scanning Cloud Monitor for NLOT site survey
Javier Valenzuela

Turbulence Profiling Analysis for ESO’s AOF

Andrea Masiero
Mark Chun
Shin Oya Ground-layer turbulence evaluation project at Subaru Telescope
Nassim Seghouani The Aures Observatory : First Investigations
Roland Wagner
Andreas Obereder On the influence of the number and heights of reconstructed layers on the reconstruction quality
Richard Vaughan
Elena Masciadri

Dealing with the forecast of the optical turbulence as a tool to support astronomy assisted by AO facilities

Franck Lascaux

Forecast of atmospheric surface parameters at Cerro Paranal and Cerro Armazones with a mesoscale numerical model to support astronomical observations

Bitao Tan
Yongqiang Yao The Atmospheric Monitoring Strategy for the Ali site, Tibet
Lydia Yatcheva Laser setup for measuring ground-level turbulence
Christophe Giordano Flexible scheduling and site testing: seeing forecasting as a tool for astronomy
Eric Steinbring Ukaliq: Seeing Long-Term with Small, Precise Arctic Telescopes
Benoit Neichel
Laura Schreiber
Luzma Montoya
Padmakar Parihar Characterization of sites for Indian Large Optical Telescope Project.
Miska Le Louarn
Clélia Robert Results of the CO-SLIDAR Cn2 profiler on the sky and on the ground
Olivier Lai LOTTTTUCE: Layer Oriented Tip-Tilt Turbulence Tomography Using Covariance & Elevation
Jose Marino
Dirk Schmidt
Samantha Thompson
Julian Christou
Juan Carlos Guerra Ramon
Matthias Schoeck
Eric Gendron

Four years of tomography with CANARY