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Centre for Advanced Instrumentation


Here the focus of the research is to develop advanced optical methods in collaboration with biological researchers and clinicians in an interdisciplinary manner to solve challenging questions in the life sciences.

The research is aimed at improving medical diagnosis as well as leadership in the development of microscopic imaging techniques based upon laser excitation, and novel instrumentation for optometric studies. All of the projects are thus multidisciplinary with close collaborations both within the University and beyond. By developing an excellent understanding of the real desires of the collaborating partner, and fully understanding the fundamental physics behind that challenge, the team is able to ensure that the research is focused towards the best possible outcome for all parties. As can be seen in the breadth of research the work involves both the development of novel instruments based upon known technology as well as being actively involved with the progression of new areas of photonics and instrumentation research. Collaborating departments within Durham include Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Mathematics and Engineering. There are also very strong external links with Strathclyde, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Kings College London Universities in the UK and Berkley and Harvard in the United States.

The work here, led by John Girkin, Gordon Love and Chris Saunter and is closely linked with the Biophysical Sciences Institute, where Professor Girkin is the current Director, which has a focus of helping to answer complex biological challenges.