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A critical field of research dealing with interactions between natural and social systems and their impact. Read all about our influential research below or return to the Impact Hub.

Let’s talk about social sustainability in the workplace

Professor Martyna Śliwa discusses her research into the small changes we can make to improve organisational culture.
Cartoon of male and female work colleagues talking with speech bubbles above them on a blue backgroun

Providing high impact climate solutions with climate literacy training

Professor Helen Goworek explains how a 2013 initiative started in the North of England can encourage staff and students to counter climate change.
Design image of urban world unzipping the inside to reveal green grass and a lightbulb

Tackling a tidal wave of plastic pollution

Professor Atanu Chaudhuri, Professor in Technology and Operations Management, on the SMEs finding smarter ways to solve the problem of plastic waste.
Planet earth with half covered in plastic bottles

Sustainable developments, reporting standards and setting a blueprint for the future

Professor Carol Adams, Chair of the GSSB at Global Reporting Initiative, on why reporting on organisations’ impacts is crucial to achieve real change.
Finger selecting the centre of a circle of mixed colours

Pursuing green innovation strategies boosts firms’ competitiveness but not performance

Private sector companies have the power to create new solutions tackling climate issues. But do they have the incentive? Dr Bettina Becker shares her findings.
Yellow background with white boxes being overtaken by a green marble to signify business success

The influence of proxy advisors and ESG rating agencies on companies and investors

What really impacts the voting decisions of FTSE 350 companies? Professor Anna Tilba, Professor of Strategy and Governance, explains.
Cartoon businessman and businesswoman looking through binoculars in opposite directions

Exploring the circular economy

How giving electronics a new lease of life could also help save the planet. Professor Kieran Fernandes explains how academic research help industry.
Phone with a error message face in red

Global imbalances: is sustainability nearly enough?

Dr Sara Eugeni examines the factors behind current account imbalances around the world.
Illustration of man balancing on plank with world in one hand and coin in the other

An economist's post COP26 thoughts

Dr Laura Marsiliani, Associate Professor of Economics shares her thoughts on COP2 and what lessons we can bring to COP27.
Industrial chimney with smoke

Blockchain could be key to improving sustainable practices in the supply chain

How can new technologies help businesses better their supply chains? Associate Professor Dr Atanu Chaudhuri shares why blockchain may be the answer.
Open laptop with squares and light floating from it

Who cares about corporate greenwashing?

Professor Carol Adams shares recent developments on how sustainability reporting is changing.
Grey power stations and green flower

Follow back?

Would Elon Musk’s Twitter be the democratic free speech haven he claims? Dr Mariann Hardey reflects on the billionaire’s deal to buy the social media platform.
White rat with cheese

Don't 'COP-out' on sustainability reporting

How do you ensure that sustainability is intrinsic to the financial reporting process? Professor Carol Adams explores issues around sustainability.
An inclusive, diverse and equal place to learn

Finding sustainable ways to deal with plastics

How do we balance our need for plastics with the problems they create? How School research hopes to significantly improve recycling chains.
Finding sustainable ways to deal with plastics

Influencing change: complexity of social media activism

Social media is a powerful tool for inciting positive change - but it can also lead to disingenuous or even harmful outcomes.
Influencing change: the complexity of social media activism

More sustainable pensions call for transparent investments

Some pension fund investments are better than others. Dr Anna Tilba explores how to be money-savvy about retirement savings.
More sustainable pensions call for transparent investments

Ocean radioactivity and its impact on the world

Professor Kostas Nikolopoulos explains how innovative underwater instruments will be a game-changer for monitoring radiation levels.
Ocean radioactivity and its impact on the world

Reconnecting with nature and sustainable business practices

Professor Pablo Munoz discusses his research on businesses that are helping to regenerate ecosystems.
Reconnecting with nature and sustainable business practices

The cost of keeping up with fashion

What can producers, retailers, consumers and policymakers do to combat overconsumption in the fashion market? Dr Helen Goworek explores our options.
The cost of keeping up with fashion

The instinct (or lack of) to save the planet

Aarron Toal discusses how humans are hardwired to prioritise the present but that tackling climate change requires us to reevaluate.
The instinct (or lack of) to save the planet

Traceability is king: how blockchain is ensuring fair practices

Dr Atanu Chaudhuri and his colleagues explore the challenges and benefits that come with using Blockchain technology.
Traceability is king: how blockchain is ensuring fair work practices

How necessity has made our communities more resilient and sustainable

Dr Farzana Chowdhury considers how the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated sustainable development through inclusion and equality.

Sustainability through transparency

The SDG Disclosure Recommendations aim to create value both for organisations and society.

Sustainable Development Goals - Implementation and Progress

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were issued in 2015. However, measuring the progress has become a significant challenge.


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