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Biophysical Sciences Institute


Selected Biophysical Sciences Research

New Multiscale Tools for Protein Physics

Researchers within the BSI are using multiscale approaches to investigate the role of dynamics in protein function. This work is contributed to by theoretical physicists, computational chemists, structural biologists, and biochemists.  Current projects include:  New Multiscale Tools for Protein Physics: Thermal Protein Dynamics in Signalling and Allostery.  This project investigates how dynamics underpins protein allostery and how this knowledge can be used to engineer proteins for the biotechnology industry.

New Multiscale Tools for Protein Physics project page. 

Modelling the Vertebrate Eye Lens

Through the development of a model of the growth of a vertebrate eye lens, the multidisciplinary team aims to provide a framework to incorporate the wealth of data available for molecular and spatial modifications linked to ageing lenses, and to develop understanding of lens pathologies and eye evolution. 

Biomimetic 'Soft' Sensors

Biomembrane models and cells at an interface between two aqueous phases, each phase mimicking either extra or intra cellular fluids, are studied for characterising the interactions of molecules with bilayer lipid membranes (BLMs) and for assembling 'soft' implantable sensing materials.

Biomimetic 'Soft' Sensors project page. 

Current Funding Calls

Visit the Calls and Opportunities page for information about current sources of funding for biophysical science research. 

Industrial Partnerships

The BSI values its industrial partnerships.  To find out about how our partnerships benefit both industry and the BSI visit our Industrial Partnership page.