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Biophysical Sciences Institute

Biophysical Sciences Institute

Wellcome Trust Grant: Colour appearance in a dynamic world

(19 April 2011)

The BSI members Nick Holliman and Hannah Smithson were awarded the three year Wellcome Trust project grant to investigate the importance of visual signals that change over time in the perception of texture. 

Events in the world unfold over time - lighting can change from moment to moment, and our own eye-movements direct a succession of different images to the foveae as we scan the scene.  The associated changes in the retinal image are not random, and the project team including PDRA Rob Lee, will test whether these changes provide information that help to distinguish between the properties of objects and of the lights that illuminate them.  The IAS fellow Marty Banks (UC Berkeley) and Qasim Zaidi (SUNY Optometry), will also collaborate with the Durham team.