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Durham University

Department of Biosciences


Publication details for Dr Robert Baxter

Joyce,AN, Adamson,J, Huntley,B, Parr,T & Baxter,R (2001). Standardisation of temperature observed by automatic weather stations. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 68(2): 127-136.

Author(s) from Durham


Daily mean, maximum and minimum surface airtemperature data were gathered from a network ofautomatic weather stations (AWS) within the Moor HouseNational Nature Reserve in northern England. Five AWSwere installed next to the official EnvironmentalChange Network weather station at Moor House. Datawere compared graphically and correction constantswere calculated to adjust data from each AWS to thestandard of the official station by optimising theconcordance correlation coefficient. Each correctedstation was re-located next to one of five in-situstations in and around the reserve, allowingcorrection of all temperature sensors to a commonstandard. The mean error associated with measureddaily mean, maximum and minimum temperature for eachsensor does not exceed ±0.2 K. The procedurequantifies a source of systematic measurement error,improving the identification of spatial temperaturedifferences between stations.