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Department of Biosciences

Scanning using bizhub copiers

The Konica-Minolta bizhub photocopiers can be used to scan documents into pdf, tiff or jpeg formats. These can be saved to a shared folder on the file server Pelican or emailed to yourself or another recipient directly from the machine.


  • Log in as normal or use PIN 7226 to access the scan-only account
  • Press the Scan button (top row of control panel)

Scan to Email

To manually enter a destination email address

  1. Select "Direct Input" on the display
  2. Select "Scan to email"
  3. Type in the address(es) using the on-screen keyboard.

To search for a Durham University address

  1. Select Address Book on the display
  2. Select LDAP search
  3. Select Advanced Search
  4. Select the name field
  5. Type a full or partial surname 
  6. Press OK twice
  7. Select the desired address from the search results 
  8. Press Close 
  9. Perform another search if you need to add more recipients.

Scan to folder

Scans can be saved directly to a shared folder on the file server Pelican. This option is useful if your document exceeds the size limit for sending by email.
Select "Pelican scans" from the Program tab as the destination. Files will be saved to \\\scans. This folder can be accessed by mapping a network drive to that location and providing your SBBS domain username and password. Remember to prefix your username with SBBS\
Mac users should connect to smb://

Please delete your scans from the shared folder once you have saved them elsewhere. Old files will be deleted without warning if the folder becomes full.

N.B. Anyone with an SBBS domain account can view scans saved to this location.


To change the file format, resolution etc. press the Scan Settings button on the screen and select the appropriate settings from the options displayed.

If you wish to add your own message to an emailed scan, press the Mode Check button and then select Email Setting on the screen. This gives you access to edit the subject and body text.

Press the Start button to scan and send the document.

Please log-out when you have finished.