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Department of Biosciences

Cell Technology Suite

The Cell Technology Suite provides a specialised environment for the isolation and analysis of single cells. Instruments are available which allow the isolation of cells from tissue sections (laser capture micro-dissection), the chararacterization of cell populations e.g. ploidy levels or fluorescent cell selection (flow cytometry), the direct manipulation of single cells (microinjection), the study of live cells in real time in a controlled environment (live cell imaging), the analysis of cell-specific gene expression (in situ hybridization) and real time quantitative PCR (QPCR).

The suite also contains some peripheral equipment to allow samples and specimens to be prepared on site. This includes flow cabinets and safety cabinets, a cryostat, an inverted microscope, incubators fridges, freezers, centrifuges, water baths and dry blocks. However bench space is limited and therefore users are encouraged, as far as possible, to keep preparative work to a minimum in the suite.

The suite is available for use by staff, postgraduate students and final year undergraduate students. The instruments are also available for use by researchers from outside the University.

Training for each instrument is necessary prior to use. For information please contact Dr Jen Topping (Facility manager; .

The instruments can be booked through the Department of Biosciences website ( .

Charges apply for the use of some of the instruments. However users working in the area of Stem Cell Research are entitled to use the equipment for 50% of the advertised cost.

The suite is located within the main Biosciences / Psychology building . Entry is via a key card system. Please contact Jen for details.

The instruments available are: