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Department of Biosciences

Microscopy & Bioimaging


The Bioimaging and Microscopy research and teaching facility in Biosciences is available for use by staff, postgraduate students and final year undergraduate students. It is also available for use by researchers within other University departments and for commercial clients. State-of-the-art instrumentation for projects requiring widefield and advanced light microscopy (LSCM / SDCM / TIRF), electron microscopy (SEM / TEM), and histology is available. The staff of the facility will be pleased to give advice on sample preparation and the most appropriate instrumentation to use for a given application. The facility operates on a fee for-use basis for each microscope to cover the cost of the instrument maintenance contract, the consumable supplies directly associated with the instrument, and the labour costs associated with daily maintenance. Charges will be made for SEO or technician time where appropriate and for specimen preparation. If you are applying for research grants we can advise on the charges which are likely to be made over a three-year period. Comprehensive training in the use of the instrumentation is provided. Periodically training courses will be run and will be advertised via departmental email. Self access to preparative facilities is encouraged.

If you require to use any of the equipment in the facility or require help from the facility staff members, please kindly plan ahead. We try our best to answer technical questions on the spot, but users will get our undivided attention if an appointment is made in advance, especially questions regarding experimental designs, potential collaboration, and advanced image analysis.

Facility Equipment

Instrument NameType/DescriptionLocationEquipment StatusStatus InfoBooking

OMX Blaze V.4

Super Resolution Microscopy Rm 138 Functional Book
Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1

Light Sheet / Single Plane Illumination Microscopy

Rm 138 Functional
Zeiss 880 with AiryScan

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

Rm 137 Functional
Leica SP5

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope - Fast, High Quality, Tunable Filters


Rm 138 Functional

Zeiss 510 META Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope - High Quality, Spectral Unmixing Rm 137 Functional

Andor Revolution XD Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope. Fast 4D Rm 137 Functional

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence

Image depth <200nm. Membrane/Cortex Dynamics

Rm 137 Functional
Zeiss Cell Observer Zeiss Axiovert & AxioCam. Widefield Flourescence Rm 138A Functional
Zeiss Apotome Zeiss Apotome Widefield Flourescence & Optical sectioning Rm 137 Functional
Leica Stereo Fluor M165FC Stereo Fluorescence Rm 137
Leica Microinjection Leica DMI3000 (Inverted) DIC, DM2500 (Upright) & Microinjection Rm 137 Functional
BioRad Multiphoton Rm 2005 Functional

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