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Department of Biosciences

Ecology, Evolution & Environment Seminar Series

Date Speaker Title
17/10/2016 Meet and Greet
24/10/2016 Luke Powell (Smithsonian Institution) Conservation ecology in 21st century Central Africa: Camera traps, mist nets and metabarcoding
31/10/2016 Patrick Jansen (Wageningen University) Seed dispersal by a seed predator
07/11/2016 Michael Berenbrink (University of Liverpool) Evolution of mammalian and avian diving capacity
14/11/2016 Eric Anderson (NOAA/University of Oxford) Reaching haplotopia: the promise and practice of short-read microhaplotypes in molecular ecology
21/11/2016 Manuela Gonzales-Suarez (University of Reading) Conservation in the Anthropocene: species traits, human impacts, and uncertain futures
28/11/2016 Alex Dumbrell (University of Essex) Microbial communities in an ever-changing world
05/12/2016 Barbara Helm (University of Glasgow) Avian biological clocks: timing matters
16/01/2017 Iain Hartley (University of Exeter) Investigating the potential for methane and carbon dioxide release from thawing permafrost in boreal Canada
23/01/2017 Jack Williams (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Recent advances at the intersection of paleoecology, ecoinformatics, and global change research: Leveraging the past to better predict the future
30/01/2017 Matt Hayward (University of Bangor) Restoring an ecosystem with predators
06/02/2017 Sarah Woodin (University of Aberdeen) Serendipitous tales of nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon in high Arctic tundra
13/02/2017 Sara Cousins (University of Stockholm) Using historical data to analyse landscape change effects on plant communities (and bats)
20/02/2017 Celine Bellard (University College London) Islands under threat from global changes
27/02/2017 Samantha Bremner-Harrison (Nottingham Trent University) Utilising personality to improve reintroduction success
06/03/2017 Internal Speaker (tbc)
13/03/2017 Jane Catford (University of Southampton) Using community ecology to understand biological invasions