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Durham University

Department of Biosciences

A Career in Durham Biosciences

Thinking of joining us as an ECR?

What are some of the best aspects about working in the Department of Biosciences?

Around a third of the department joined in the last 8 years. It is great working in an environment with so many new PI's with new approaches to answering biological questions. Peter

I really appreciate my research freedom. The department has always allowed me to pursue my research interest. I also find that freedom on my teaching, I am able to discuss the areas I find more relevant and link them with my investigation. Miguel

Being included in the new PI WhatsApp group before I even started helped me a lot and gave me the possibility to ask many questions informally to those who were in my situation not so long ago. Vincent

I had to do no teaching in the first year. Master students are easy to recruit and overall students are good. Lena

What's the best part about Durham / Northern England?

It's great to be so close to Newcastle, the coast and the hills. Tim

The Durham Heritage Coastline never gets old. Jonathan

The evening sun catching the Castle and Cathedral. Peter

County Durham is by far the most dog-friendly place I have ever lived in! Karrera