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Durham University

Department of Biosciences

Support Staff

Administrative Staff

Miss Caroline Adamson Administrative Assistant (Purchasing) 49164 Contact Caroline Adamson
Mrs Lyndsay Appleton Administrative Assistant (Purchasing) 47740 Contact Lyndsay Appleton
Ms Veronica Crooks Programme Administrator 49167
Ms Sheila Dunn Postgraduate Administrative Assistant 49371 Contact Sheila Dunn
Mrs Avril Ferry-Johnson Assistant Administrator 41332 Contact Avril Ferry-Johnson
Mr Simon Kepczyk Department Manager 43191
Ms Lucy Kuene Finance Administrator 41302
Mrs Jillian Lynn Teaching Admin / Student Liaison 41241
Mrs Gail Maddock Administrative Assistant (Purchasing) 41311 Contact Gail Maddock
Mrs Kath Robinson-Artley Teaching Administrative Assistant 41394
Dr Fiona Cameron Shenton Network Facilitator 49145
Ms Thanwant Singh Overseas Project Administrator 49103 Contact Thanwant Singh
Mrs Deborah Taylor Knowledge Exchange Officer 41368 Contact Deborah Taylor
Mrs H Williams Admin Assistant (Part-time) 41356

Teaching Technicians


Central Facilities and Infrastucture

Mr Oliver Alainis Assistant Central Services and Maintenance Technician 41344 Contact Oliver Alainis
Mr M Bone Group Leader - Central Services 41277
Mr I Edwards Technician 43978
Mr John Summerill Department Superintendent 41245

Research Facilities / Experimental Officers

Dr A Brown Experimental Officer - Proteomics 41362
Miss Stacey Derivan Trainee Technician 41357 Contact Stacey Derivan
Dr Nicola Fullard Experimental Officer - Animal Cell Tech 41248 Contact Nicola Fullard
Miss Catherine Gough Research Technician 49162
Dr Tim Hawkins Senior Experimental Officer - Bioimaging/Advanced Light Microscopy 41333
Mrs V Kelly DNA Sequencing Technician 41256
Dr Olivia Kent Laboratory Technician (DNA Sequencing) 41256 Contact Olivia Kent
Dr JTM Kroon Senior Experimental Officer 41234
Mrs RL Manning Technician 41239 / 41271 Contact RL Manning
Mrs Christine Richardson Senior Experimental Officer - Imaging 41285
Miss Joanne Louise Robson Light Microscopy Technician 41333
Mrs Gillian Summerill DNA Sequencing Technician 41256
Mrs Lynne Todd Technician 41357 Contact Lynne Todd
Dr Cunjin Zhang Research Technician 49162 Contact Cunjin Zhang

Research Technicians

Ms C Turnbull Research Technician 41267