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School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Research Staff

Dr TJ Hawkins

Senior Experimental Scientific Officer in the School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41333
Room number: 137/138

Contact Dr TJ Hawkins (email at

Research Groups


Journal papers: academic

  • Deeks, Michael J., Calcutt,Joanna R. , Ingle, Elizabeth K.S., Hawkins,Timothy J. , Chapman,Sean Richardson,A.Christine , Mentlak,David A. , Dixon,Martin R., Cartwright,Frances , Smertenko,Andrei P. , Oparka, Karl & Hussey,Patrick J. (2012). A Superfamily of Actin-Binding Proteins at the Actin-Membrane Nexus of Higher Plants. Current Biology 22(17): 1595–1600.
  • Piette, BMAG, Liu, JL, Peeters, K, Smertenko, A, Hawkins, T, Deeks, M, Quinlan, R, Zakrzewski, WJ & Hussey, PJ (2009). A Thermodynamic Model of Microtubule Assembly and Disassembly. PLoS One 4(8): e6378.
  • Dixon, D. P., Hawkins, T., Hussey, P. J. & Edwards, R. (2009). Enzyme activities and subcellular localization of members of the Arabidopsis glutathione transferase superfamily. Journal of Experimental Botany 60(4): 1207-1218.
  • Twell, D Park, SK, Hawkins, TJ , Schubert, D Schmidt, R Smertenko, A & Hussey, PJ (2002). MOR1/GEM1 has an essential role in the plant-specific cytokinetic phragmoplast. Nature Cell Biology 4(9): 711-714.
  • Hussey, PJ, Hawkins, TJ, Igarashi, H, Kaloriti, D & Smertenko, A (2002). The plant cytoskeleton: recent advances in the study of the plant microtubule-associated proteins MAP-65, MAP-190 and the Xenopus MAP215-like protein, MOR1. Plant Molecular Biology 50(6): 915-924.
  • Hussey, PJ & Hawkins, TJ (2001). Plant microtubule-associated proteins: the HEAT is off in temperature-sensitive mor1. Trends in Plant Sciences 6(9): 389-92.

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