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Ms Amanda Bishop, Master of Environmental Management; BSc Zoology

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Pinniped Behavioural Ecology

Coming from a background of broad zoology, my current research focus is on marine ecosystems: specifically the ecology of marine mammals. Marine mammals pique my curiosity because of their unique behaviours, habitat selection, physiology, social systems and evolution. In addition, the state of the world's oceans is deteriorating rapidly and it is important to understand the systems and animals that live in this environment in order to inform effective management and conservation. My research for my PhD is investigating the behavioural ecology of grey seals which breed along the coastline of the UK. Specifically, I am studying the role of conflict and conflict-reduction between males competeing for mates and the roles of environmental, social and human factors on their behaviours.

I have my Masters in Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University, USA which provided an interdisciplinary foundataion in ecological systems management. Under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Read and Anne Hoover-Miller (Alaska SeaLife Center) I studied habitat selection in harbor seals that breed on glacial ice in Alaska. Using geospatial analysis and modelling techniques I investigated how ice quality and quantity impacted usage of discreet glacier habitats and the role of seasonality and glacial change on these patterns. This project was conducted through collaboration with the Alaska SeaLife Center and the Kenai Fjords Tours company and produced reports for local, governmental management agencies concerned with the persistent decline in glacial harbor seal populations.

I have a BSc in Zoology from Northern Michigan University, USA, where I conducted a project under the supervision of Dr. Brent Graves on the sensory behaviours of corn snakes.

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