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School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Academic Staff

Dr Robert William Banks, BSc PhD DSc

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41254
Fax: +44-(0)191 334 1201
Room number: 169

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Within the broad area of neuroscience my work centres on the mammalian muscle spindle, a mechanoreceptor that occurs in voluntary muscles and responds to length and changing length of the muscles, providing information to the central nervous system for use in controlling muscle activity. Knowledge of its structure and function is important at various levels ranging from the molecular biology of ion channels to the nature of control systems, and in various fields from basic physiology to clinical applications such as nerve repair and rehabilitation. I am currently collaborating with Dr. M. Hulliger of Calgary on the consequences of a pyridoxine-induced large-fibre sensory neuropathy on the sensory innervation of muscle and motor control; and with Dr. Guy Bewick of Aberdeen on the role of synaptic-like vesicles in the sensory endings of mechanoreceptors.

Research Groups

Research Interests

  • Neurobiology
  • Structure and function of sensory receptors in muscle

Selected Publications

Edited works: conference proceedings

  • Shenton, F. C., Bewick, G. S. & Banks, R. W. (2009). Immunocytochemical evidence for the presence of ENaC subunits in the sensory endings of rat muscle spindles. Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, IL.
  • Banks, R. W., Simon, A., Rowe, I. C. & Bewick, G. S (2009). P/Q type Ca2+ channels and KCa channels regulate afferent discharge frequency in spindle mechanosensory terminals. Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, IL.
  • Simon, A., Banks, R. W. & Bewick, G. S. (2009). Stretch-activated rat muscle spindle afferent discharge is inhibited by ENaC and TRP channel modulators. Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, IL.
  • M Hulliger & R W Banks (2004). The relation between motor deficit and proprioceptive loss after large-fibre deafferentation by pyridoxine. 34th Annual Meeting, San Diego, Society for Neuroscience.

Edited works: contributions

  • Banks R.W. (2005). The muscle spindle. In Peripheral Neuropathy. PJ Dyck & PK Thomas Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders. 131-150.
  • Banks R.W. & Barker, D (2004). The muscle spindle. In Myology. A Engel & C Franzini-Armstrong New York: McGraw-Hill. 3rd. edition: 489-509.

Journal papers: academic

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