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Fitches, E, Audsley, N, Gatehouse, JA & Edwards, JP (2002). Fusion proteins containing neuropeptides as novel insect control agents: snowdrop lectin delivers fused allatostatin to insect haemolymph following oral ingestion. Insect Biochemistry And Molecular Biology 32(12): 1653-1661.
  • Publication type: Journal Article
  • ISSN/ISBN: 0965-1748
  • Keywords: fusion protein; Manduca sexta allatostatin; tomato moth; Lacanobiaoleracea; haemolymph; snowdrop lectin; oral ingestionLACANOBIA-OLERACEA LEPIDOPTERA; MANDUCA-SEXTA ALLATOSTATIN;JUVENILE-HORMONE BIOSYNTHESIS; TOMATO MOTH; DIPLOPTERA-PUNCTATA;MOLECULAR-CLO

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