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Ustinov College


A Warm Welcome from our Principal

Welcome to Ustinov College, Durham University’s sole postgraduate only College, comprising a community of scholars representing over 100 nationalities. Renamed in 2003 in honour of the actor and writer Sir Peter Ustinov, who was Chancellor of Durham University, Ustinov College was formerly known as the Graduate Society.

Our focus at Ustinov is to provide a safe, supportive, motivating and enjoyable collegiate environment that nurtures global citizenship and enables its members to grow intellectually and socially. Globally the College is recognised as a friendly and welcoming place that openly celebrates the strength arising from diversity, inter-disciplinarity and collegiality and applauds leadership, creativity, innovation, teamwork and excellence. At Ustinov I trust you will have a truly unique experience as an “Ustinovian” that will lay the basis for a life-long mutually rewarding relationship with the College, University and the people and communities of the “Northeast”.

On behalf of all staff at Ustinov I would like to extend to you a warm and hearty welcome. We look forward to meeting you at one of the many events organised as part of the College’s social and academic calendar during Induction.

Professor Glenn McGregor



Welcome from the GCR President

Hello there, and welcome to Ustinov College! My name is Marc Owen Jones, and I am President of the Graduate Common Room (GCR). As a veteran student of Ustinov, I am excited to welcome everyone arriving this year. Try not to worry, any early nerves and anxieties you may feel will soon give way when you settle into the magnificent, diverse, and unique community that is Ustinov!

Our job here on the GCR committee is to organize entertainment, provide welfare support, and generally ensure that your stay at Ustinov is one of the most memorable and illuminating experiences of your life. From weekly movie nights and quizzes, to live music and formal dinners, we try our best to offer a wide arrange of activities to suit our diverse student body. As for the GCR itself, we are Ustinov students elected by you, fellow Ustinov students. So when you arrive in September, why not get involved! You can contribute to the Ustinov experience by volunteering for the GCR. It’s highly rewarding. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do get in touch. You can find the GCR website at, you can join the Facebook page for incoming students. Here you can ask questions, chat, and meet fellow Ustinovians! Look forward to meeting you all soon.



Welcome Pack

The Welcome Pack contains lots of really useful information about the Welcome & Induction Programme, Ustinov College and Durham University. Make sure you take some time to read it carefully. 

We hope you will enjoy your time at Durham and Ustinov, and look forward to meeting you when you arrive.


If you have any queries about arriving in Durham or the information on these pages, please contact us:

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