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Ustinov College

Welcome to new students

A Warm Welcome from our College Principal

Welcome to Ustinov College, Durham University’s sole postgraduate only College, comprising a community of scholars representing over 100 nationalities. Renamed in 2003 in honour of the actor and writer Sir Peter Ustinov, who was Chancellor of Durham University, Ustinov College was formerly known as the Graduate Society.

Our focus at Ustinov is to provide a safe, supportive, motivating and enjoyable collegiate environment that nurtures global citizenship and enables its members to grow intellectually and socially. Globally the College is recognised as a friendly and welcoming place that openly celebrates the strength arising from diversity, inter-disciplinarity and collegiality and applauds leadership, creativity, innovation, teamwork and excellence. At Ustinov I trust you will have a truly unique experience as an “Ustinovian” that will lay the basis for a life-long mutually rewarding relationship with the College, University and the people and communities of the “Northeast”.

On behalf of all staff at Ustinov I would like to extend to you a warm and hearty welcome. We look forward to meeting you at one of the many events organised as part of the College’s social and academic calendar.

Professor Glenn McGregor



If you have any queries about arriving in Durham or the information on these pages, please contact us:

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Welcome from the GCR President 

Dear Ustinovians,

As president of Ustinov’s Graduate Common Room (GCR) I have the great privilege of welcoming you all to Ustinov College. During your time at Ustinov you will have the opportunity to make lots of new friends, to develop yourself both socially and academically, and meet like minded people from all over the world. The GCR hopes to make this experience the best it possibly can be!

What is the GCR? The GCR is the student body here at Ustinov college and the GCR is here to help make your time at Ustinov as enjoyable as possible. Throughout the year we run social events ranging from parties to pub quizzes to film nights and formal dinners! Alongside organising social events the GCR also runs the college clubs and societies and maintains facilities in the college such as the gym and pool tables. We do all this to provide the best environment for you to spend your time here at Ustinov.

How does the GCR work? We are a committee of Ustinov students, elected by you, fellow Ustinov students. This means that if you want to get involved with how the GCR is run, you can! We hold elections for positions on the GCR committee throughout the year starting in October so keep an eye out for any positions that suit you.

This has been a brief insight into what the GCR can offer you and you will get to experience a taster of the events we organise during induction week, where we have a fantastic schedule lined up to introduce you to the amazing community we have at Ustinov college. If you have any questions or want to find out more about the GCR don’t hesitate to get in touch, our website with more information along with contact details for the members of the committee can be found at or you can join this years Ustinov facebook group—just search for ‘Ustinov College 2018–2019’ on Facebook.

My best piece of advice for those of you joining us at Ustinov this year is to get involved as much as possible, the college has so much to offer everyone and the best way to experience it is to immerse yourself in college life. This can be daunting when you start the year knowing no-one but you will quickly discover that Ustinovians are the friendliest bunch of people you could meet! Keep a look out for myself and the rest of the GCR committee as we are always happy to chat and make you feel at home. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Tom Pitts

Ustinov GCR President

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