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Durham University

Ustinov College

International sculpture gardens

Sheraton Park will feature three sculpture gardens at the centre of the garden landscape to reflect the theme of international pilgrimage and journeys. The arts project has been produced by North East curator Matthew Jarratt and will be enjoyed by Sheraton Park residents.

XIANG YANG - Chinese Journey

Xiang is based in Beijing where he has become one of the leading contemporary artists in China including a recent exhibition in London in 2015 where he 'sailed' a large scale scultpural boat along the River Thames. Xiang often creates scultpure by recycling materials from reclaimed Chinese furniture and buildings highlighting the tension between contemporary China and its ancient traditions. In 2017 he is planning to embark on a scultpural boat from China to Europe.

BRUCE GERNAND - American Journey

Graduating from San Fransisco State University, Bruce studied sculpture at Central School fo Art and Design and the Royal College of Art. Bruce develops sculpture in cast iron, bronze and ceramic, often using 3D technology to draw and visualise his ideas. He has undertaken several residencies, some at the European Ceramic Work Centre and has exhibited internationally.

FABIO VIALE - European Journey

Fabio is an Italian sculptor who makes extraordinary carved works in marble. He was born in Cuneo and now lives and works in Turin, Italy. Fabio has had numerous international exhibitions and has a reputation for taking marble and transforming it into something much lighter, almost deceiving the eye which can create visual illusions with this most traditional sculpture material.