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Durham University

Ustinov College


+What is planned for Sheraton Park?

The Durham University Strategy 2017-2027 sets out plans to grow the University and invest in its students, staff and facilities. Ustinov College will relocate to Sheraton Park and reduce its residential student body from c.600 to 400 beds (excluding those at the Dryburn site). Sheraton Park is a new development that provides over 400 high-quality self-catered bedrooms. The University and developer have been in discussion to ensure the site offers the facilities required for a college environment.

+Where is Sheraton Park?

Sheraton Park is located to the west of Durham City, approximately 1.2km from the Bill Bryson Library and 1.5km from the Cathedral. As well as accessible by foot there is a bus route that connects Sheraton Park to Durham City. 

+What will be provided at Sheraton Park?

Sheraton Park will provide a café/bar, social and seminar space, laundry facilities, and a gym. 

+Will there still be a full range of scholarly activities and college events?

The facilities provided at Sheraton Park will allow for the same range of scholarly activity and events to be organised by the college and GCR.

+What type of accommodation is provided at Sheraton Park?

A range of high specification room types will be provided fitted to a standard that is at least as good as any accommodation within the Durham University residential estate. The development comprises mainly cluster flats, but with some twin rooms and some larger studio flats. All are en-suite and have wifi.

+When will the move to Sheraton Park take place?

In 2017/18 Ustinov will operate out of both Howlands and Sheraton Park. In 2018 the college will move to Sheraton Park permanently.

+Postgraduates are here all year round – won’t this move cause disruption?

We will schedule the relocation to cause the minimum disruption. The transitional year in 2017/18 will reduce the number of students who are required to move from their accommodation over the summer.

+I wanted to stay in the same room throughout my course – will that be possible?

We recognise that some students may have anticipated staying in the same room throughout their studies. We will be able to offer the same room throughout the transitional year. After September 2018 continuing students who are living in will need to move to Sheraton Park and we will work with them to ensure that there is minimal disruption. For those starting in 2017 we will make sure that they are aware of the planned move as soon as possible.

+What will the rent be at Sheraton Park?

Please refer to College Costs for full details of the rent at Sheraton Park.

+There will be three colleges sharing the Howlands site in 2018/19 – will there be enough facilities?

Currently Josephine Butler and Ustinov share some facilities at Howlands as well as haivng some college specific facilities. A similar approach will continue in 2018/19 when three colleges will be sharing the site. To ensure that each college has enough space that is just for college use additional facilities will be built on site. 

+What will happen to the Ustinov site at Howlands?

John Snow and Stephenson Colleges, currently based at Queen's Campus, will relocate to Howlands for 2018/19, sharing the site with Josephine Butler College. For 2019/20, John Snow will move to the Mount Oswald site, adjacent to Van Mildert College, and Stephenson will remain at Howlands.

+Will the existing staff at Ustinov College move to Sheraton Park?

All existing staff will transfer to Sheraton Park in September 2017, with the exception of the housekeeping team, who will be split between our Howlands Farm and Sheraton Park sites.

+What provision is there at Sheraton Park for students with disabilities?

There are 16 accessible bedrooms available at Sheraton Park. Our social and seminar space is located on the ground floor of Neville House and is accessible to comply with building regulations. Both Sheraton Park House and Neville House will also contain accessible toilets. 

+Will there be couple accommodation available at Sheraton Park and if so, for how many people?

Yes, in the guest and visiting fellow rooms. In addition, there are a number of rooms that can share facilities and which are potentially suitable for couples. The College will continue to operate from its site at Keenan House.