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Durham University

Ustinov College

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6th December

5.30- 7pm - IAS Fellows' Public Lecture, Seminar Room

What is statistical learning and how does it relate to language acquisition in typically developing children and those with developmental disabilities?

Dr Joanne Arciuli (The University of Sydney)

Broadly speaking, statistical learning refers to implicit detection of regularities in the environment – be they in the visual scenes we experience, the music we hear, or the language we are exposed to. Contemporary frameworks view statistical learning as a multicomponent ability but there is still much debate about the nature of this ability and how best to measure it. There is evidence to suggest that individuals differ in their capacity for statistical learning and that this is linked with individual differences in language acquisition in typically developing children. It has been proposed that impaired or atypical statistical learning may be linked with language difficulties in developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, specific language impairment, and those with significant hearing difficulties. However, the literature contains divergent findings and it is unclear whether, and to what extent, statistical learning is associated with language acquisition in each of these developmental disabilities. Dr Joanne Arciuli will discuss these issues and conclude with recommendations for how we might progress research in this area, one that is of great interest to researchers, clinicians, and educators who work with language learners.

9th December

12 - 5pm - Family Christmas Party, Sheraton House Cafe.

11th December

6- 9pm - Mentor Christmas Dinner, Fusion Restaurant, Business School.

13th December

7- 10pm - Christmas Formal, St Aidan's College.