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Durham University

University College

College Membership Form (Undergraduates)

Please complete this form so that we can process your membership of University College. The information you give here will form the basis of your student record while you are with us, and it is essential that you complete it as accuratly as you can.

Personal Details

Please give us a contact number where we can reaching you while you are at Durham. If you do not have one now, please email it to when you get one.

Please ensure that this is an up to date, personal email address. We will use this to correspond with you until your Durham email account is active.

Please note that school email addresses are likely to expire soon, so ensure your contact information is up to date with UCAS.

Your Personal UCAS ID is quoted in the email you recently received from us. Please ensure that you input this number correctly.

This number begins 000 and can be found on University correspondence.

Undergraduates are students entering university for the first degree. Postgraduates already have a degree and are returning to study at University.

Postgraduates and Erasmus students should use the appropriate other College Membership Form.

Please attach a photograph of yourself. This should be a single headshot of yourself and will be used for identification purposes only (such as on your mealcard). The image will not be published on the website.

Term Time Address
Only complete this section if you are NOT going to be living in College accommodation during term time. For example if you you live in the local area and will be staying at home during term time.
Emergency Contact Details
Please provide details of a relative or close friend the College can contact in an emergency.

Please include a first name and surname.

I give my permission for a representative of University College or Durham University to make contact with my nominated person in an emergency.

College Mentoring & Families

College Mentors are senior figures within the University and local community who provide pastoral support and advice to students, as well as helping support the Durham Inspried Award. All undergradtes are automatically enrolled on the scheme and by agreeing here, you are allowing University College to share your details with your allocated mentor.

The purpose of this data sharing with the JCR Freshers' Reps in charge of 'College Families' is to you allocate you to a group and help them plan activities in advance of Induction Week. This is only applicable for undergraduates.

Provide us with a brief description of any support, health or wellbeing issues which you think we should be aware of. If you wish to be considered for en-suite accommodation on medical grounds, please forward medical evidence and any emergency plans to We appreciate that you may have already submitted this information to Disability Support. If you prefer not to send us information separately, please contact Disability Support on and give your permission for them to share the information with College.

This information will assist the Catering Team to prepare for your dietary requirements if relevant. 

Accommodation Preferences
We offer offer catered and self-catered accommodation at Castle, as well as single, shared and en-suite rooms. Not all accommodation is located within the Castle walls - we have some other bedrooms on the Bailey, next to the Castle and others at Kepier Court, a 20 minute walk away, and depending on availability, we try to accommodate individual preferences. Priority for en-suite and standard single rooms is given to those with evidenced medical needs. We also use this information to help allocate people with roommates and neighbours that we think they'll get on with! While we will take your preferences into account, there is no guarantee that we will be able to meet that preference.

Please note that catered single ensuite rooms are usually reserved for returning (finalist) students. Freshers are generally allocated to catered shared rooms, catered standard single rooms, and self-catered ensuite rooms.


If you are unable to share a room due to a medical condition or for any other significant personal or pastoral reason please state it briefly below. You will need to send independent evidence (e.g. doctor's note) to support your reason to (or state if you have previously provided evidence).

This gives you an opportunity to get to know them in advance by email or on Facebook - and even meet up with them if you want to!

In selecting 'Yes' you are consenting to us sharing your name, personal and Durham email address with another student if we ask you to share a room with them. You would receive this information in advance of your arrival.

Most of our students are able to stay in their rooms during the Christmas and Easter vacations. However, College offers a "buy-back" scheme for some rooms where students are asked to vacate their rooms outside of term time in exchange for a reduced accommodation charge. If you need to stay in Durham during the holidays (e.g. because your family lives abroad), please let us know.

On a scale of 1 to 5, please let us know how important having somewhere quiet to study and sleep is to you.

On a scale of 1 to 5, please let us know how important having sociable neighbours is to you.

On a scale of 1 to 5, please let us know how important is tidiness to you.

On a scale of 1 to 5, please let us know whether you like to get up early or stay up late.

Feel free to tell us more about your preferences and habits.

Tell us about yourself
To help us with the room allocation, please answer the following questions:
Freshers Sunday Parking Permit
This section is only for undergraduate students arriving by car. University College has accommodation in two different areas and students arriving by car should complete this section for a car parking permit to access the relevant area and unload your belongings. Due to the volume of students arriving on the Sunday, vehicles can only park outside the Castle or Kepier Court for a brief period to enable unloading of your belongings and will then need to be moved to a university car park. We will provide details of this by mid-September. . Complete this section if you wish to apply for an access permit for Sunday 29th September 2019 for the purpose of unloading your belongings at University College. We will email you with further details in mid-September with your slot and instructions of where to go.

While we will try to accommodate arrival time preferences, we have limited slots available. Please be aware that if you arrive outside of your allocated slot, you may have to wait until space is free at a later time on Freshers Sunday.

Before you submit this form, you must confirm that you have read all the relevant sections of the New Student Information webpages. It is important that you do this before arriving in Durham as the webpages contain essential information.

Please ensure that you have read all the sections linked to in the New Student section of the website, including those covering Misconduct and Student Behaviour.

Any information shared here will be retained on your student record for the purposes of providing support and wellbeing, as well as College administration and catering.

Data will be retained in line with the University’s data retention policy, which can be found here: