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Our Values

University College has a long and revered history as a living learning community supporting the quest for knowledge and appreciation of higher education as a pathway to enlightenment and vocation.  Throughout the ages, the students and staff of Castle have demonstrated such values as respect for others, shared responsibility for our spaces, commitment to serving the underserved, academic integrity, and teaching and learning together. With the many ways our global society is evolving comes the need to revisit and reclaim explicit mission and values for the future of University College.

Our Mission Statement(2018) 

The mission statement of our College summarises our aspirations: 'To sustain and enhance a lively residential and non-residential academic community in and associated with Durham Castle within which students can enrich their experience of university life and develop valuable life skills through a wide range of academic, sporting, social, cultural, and religious activities'. 

Our legendary 'Castle Spirit': There is a real community feel at University College with students from all kind of different backgrounds united by their strong sense of pride in and love for 'Castle'. Our long-established traditions play a big part in our way of life in College, giving a sense of allegiance and belonging to all our College members. Our college motto – non nobis solum or not for ourselves alone – demonstrates our commitment to each other and to the broader community.  This is actualized in many different ways, including through our Castle Community Action volunteering society.