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Durham University

University College

Essential College Information

College Handbook

Misconduct & Student Behaviour

All students are bound by the University Regulations, in particular General Regulation IV - Discipline which can be found here.

Within the College, students are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct, and it is strongle recommended that students make themselves familiar with this information before they take up their place with the College. The Code of Conduct is available here.

In certain circumstances, the College may impose financial sanctions or charges on students. The Schedule of Financial Sanctions can be found here.

For those students who have accommodation at Kepier Court, there is a separate list of financial charges which can be found here.

Students attending Formal Dinners (or any College event) should abide by the rules for these events which are avialable here.

More information regarding the College can be found within the College Hanbook (at the top of this page).


Students at University College are required to wear an gown for certain occassions, including Matriculation, Formal dinners (which usually take place twice a week), Graduation and other formal events that occur during your time in Durham.

You can purchase a gown, new or second hand (we have limited numbers of these), when you pay your Common Room Membership levy here.

Formal Dinners

Formal dinners are a highly-valued tradition at University College, and take place most Tuesday and Thursday evenings during term time. Formals are not compulsory and alternative dining arrangements are made for students who do not wish to attend. Students will be emailed with details of Formals (and other events) when they arrive in Durham.


Unless stated otherwise, students are expected to wear smart clothing for dinners (i.e. lounge suits, trouser suits, cocktail dress). Gowns are compulsory at Formals.

At some events the dress code is for dinner suits or equivelent.

College Mentor

All First year undergraduates are automatically given a college mentor (the scheme is optional after your first year), who plays a vital role in your life in the College. A mentor is someone who will welcome you into the college community and who will be there to offer support and advice throughout your time here, who will support you to undertake the Durham Inspired Award, and who will help you think about what you do after Castle!

Our mentors have a wide range of experiences in many different fields, some of which you may be interested in, such as running national charities, working in local and national government, the law, the army, industry, medicine, teaching – as well as academics representing a wide range of academic disciplines. A mentor can be a really valuable source of future references so it’s worth getting to know them well during the two or three annual one-to-one meetings you will have with them!

It’s therefore vital that you provide us with as much information as possible on this form so that we can select an appropriate mentor for you. You will have an opportunity to meet your mentor at the beginning of term.

To enable college to arrange a suitable tutor please complete the relevant section on the College Membership Form.

The Durham Inspired Award

Coming soon!

Free Microsoft Office 365!

Durham University undergraduates and taught post-graduates can download Office 365 free of charge, saving you around £60! Once you have accepted your place here and got your University email address, visit and follow the instructions.

Request a Supporting Letter

Students requiring supporting letters to verify their student status, or similar, should check Banner Self-Service on DUO in the first instance as many of these letters can be auto-generated by the University computer system on demand.The letters available on Banner Self-Service to students are:
  • Student Status Letter
  • Graduand Letter
  • Congregration Invitation Letter
Should you require a letter for Council Tax purposes please click here for further information.

Bank Letter

Students can only request a bank letter once they are fully registered. A maximum of two letters only can be provided.If you require a supporting letter to open a student bank account, you should contact college at or Student Registry with your request, noting that we will require your full legal name, Banner ID and the name of the bank you wish to use.