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Durham University

University College

Arriving in Durrham

International Students

International Student Induction will take place from 25th September, if you are intending to arrive from this date please contact Linda Beighton (0191 334 4099 or with details of your arrival date and time.

The International Office offers a meet and greet service and further information can be found here. Please check out the International office webpage for new students as this will provide useful information for your arrival preparations here.

Special Traffic Arrangements for Sunday 29th September (Undergraduates Only)

The University looks forward to welcoming you and your family members to Durham and to your co-operation in ensuring that the arrival of all new students on Sunday 29thSeptember 2019 runs smoothly.

If you have already visited Durham you may have seen that in the centre of Durham the streets are very narrow and the parking very restricted. The University has a particular problem in that access to the Peninsula (the area around the Cathedral and Castle) is restricted to one very narrow street. This creates problems on this particular Sunday each year when over 2000 new students arrive, usually by car with their parents, and about 700 of these cars need access to the Peninsula.

In order to avoid this congestion and to ensure that you do not take as much as an hour to complete the last few hundred yards of your journey, the University and Police authorities have introduced special controls for traffic on the Peninsula (i.e. south of the Market Place) on Sunday 29thSeptember 2019 and you will require a permit for access to University College.

Once you have parked at one of these locations off the Peninsula, you (and your parents) will have all the time you wish to look around the College and City. Please note: that if you use a public car park, you must pay and display the ticket.

Many students and parents make arrangements to stay in hotels close to Durham on the Saturday evening: it would be to their benefit and a great help to the University if they would apply for a ticket for the period of 10am to 11am.

If you have any queries about these arrangements, or if you have a disability requiring special arrangements, please contact your College Office.

If you encounter any difficulties with these arrangements on Sunday 29thSeptember 2019, you can contact a special Traffic Helpline at our Security Office by calling (0191) 334 2221.

If you are travelling to Durham by car on the above day, you are required to:

  • Complete the Parking Permit section on the College Membership Form (Undergraduates) at the bottom of this page for an ‘access permit’ to your college.
  • All vehicles are asked to report to the Belmont Park and Ride, Belmont, Durham DH1 1SR within 30 minutes before their allocated time slot.
  • Park as directed by the University stewards and Police on duty.
  • Once parked in the holding area at Belmont Park and Ride, you will be directed to staff who will issue a permit for your college.
  • Please return to your vehicle, you will be called forward when space and opportunity arise.
  • Once at your college, unload your car and remove it immediately to one of the car parks off the Peninsula (shown on the map provided); please note the University has made provision for free parking on the Mountjoy Site.
  • Display the permit clearly in the car windscreen whilst on the Peninsula or in a University car park.

Vehicle Holding Area

The road allowing vehicular access to Colleges on the Durham peninsula is narrow and in order to cope on Fresher’s day with the exceptionally high demand of drivers of vehicles wishing to access the area it is necessary to implement a one way traffic system operated under the control of the police assisted by Durham University Security and other University staff. Consequently, access to the Durham Peninsula will be strictly controlled by the police on Fresher’s day and vehicles will only be allowed access if drivers are in possession of the correct access permit.

We would therefore seek your cooperation by first reporting to the designated Vehicle Holding Area at Belmont Park and Ride , Durham, DH1 1SR. (Please refer to the map showing key locations).

Directions from Junction 61 - A1(M)

Leave the A1 (M) at Junction 62 taking the exit signposted A690 to Carville, the Belmont park and ride is approximately 300 metres east of junction 62 of the A1(M). Once at the Belmont park and ride you will be met by Police and University staff who will direct you where to park and where your Access Permit for the Durham peninsula can be collected. Once in possession of your Access Permit and as space allows, you will be called forward and invited to make your way to the Police Check Point at Durham Market Place where you will receive further instructions on accessing the peninsula.

Please do not attempt to enter Durham Market Place without your Access Permit – you will be turned away and re-directed to the holding area at the Belmont park and ride. Once at your designated College drop off point we would request that you unload your car as quickly as possible and vacate the space within a maximum of 20 minutes. Once unloaded, you are requested to remove your vehicle from the peninsula exiting the area via Prebends Bridge.

Free all day parking is available on University controlled land at Mountjoy should you wish to avail yourself of this facility which is approximately 15 minutes’ walk from the City centre. Alternatively there are other car parks within the City although these are expected to be very busy.