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Durham University

Team Durham

Covid-19 Information

We are pleased to say that The Fitness Centre has re-opened. In order to comply with government guidelines and help ensure our members are safe when exercising with us, we have made some changes to our day to day operations. Click here to find out more.

The Sports and Wellbeing Park is now open for business but on a restricted basis. We are hoping that from the 12 October to allow students to use our facilities. Access will be granted to clubs that have completed their risk assessment and had sign off by Team Durham and we are also working closely with College Sport to enable activity to take place.

The current plan for all team sport is as follows, please also find more information in hte guidance document attached below:

Michaelmas Term

12 October – 13 November

  • College Sport trials and training to take place in sports that are able to set against the sports specific Return to Play guidance.
  • Team Durham Clubs trials and training to take place in sport that are able to set against the sports specific Return to Play guidance.

14 Nov until end of Michaelmas term

  • College Sport – short knockout competition (in sports that are able to, as above).
  • Team Durham Clubs begin friendly fixtures (in sports that are able to, as above).

Epiphany Term

  • College Sport – truncated league season (in sports that are able to, as above).
  • Team Durham Clubs – BUCS season commences (in sports that are able to, as above).

Individual sports will be able to access the facility on a limited basis again set against their respective National Governing Body (NGB) Return to Play protocols, some individual sports will have access to BUCS competition during Michaelmas term and we will be supporting them in their planning. Read about the BUCS Return to Play strategy here.

All of the above is subject to any changes in Government guidance, local lockdown restrictions and NGB Return to Play protocols.


Covid Officer training has taken place regularly and we are pleased to report that over 1000 athletes have attended at least one session. In addition to each club having a Covid Officer in place, we also have a Team Durham Student Covid Support Officer.

We are delighted that Team Durham President, Chris Lennon, has agreed to take on this role to support the student athletes and their clubs throughout these unprecedented times.

As part of the training, we ask that all Covid Officers ensure club members complete a track and trace form. We ask that for every sport participated in, all student athletes and staff participating in College and Team Durham sport fill out the form. We have also prepared a Club Readiness Factors Checklist to help clubs return to their sport as safely as possible. All of this is essential to ensure we keep all students, staff and facility users safe at all times.

Please find the link to the track and trace form, the Club Readiness Factors Checklist, Covid Officer role and the one way system site map below. If you would like to view the Covid Officer training, please click here.

Training Dates

Dates of the next zoom training will be released soon.



We are working hard to update the NGB guidance on a weekly basis to ensure all staff, students and community members are up to date with the latest recommendations.

Please view below the NGB guidance resourse, correct as of 27th October 2020. As things are changing so rapidly we also suggest that you continue to check the latest information yourselves, using the individual return to play link on the spreadsheet for your sport.

We have also attached sport specific guidance, correct as of 12th October, however, we still advise anyone participating in sport to check their local restrictions as well.


The information and advice regarding Covid-19 is changing on a daily basis, we therefore ask that you visit this page regularly and check the following websites for the latest updates and guidance:

My NGB has guidance saying I can do one thing but the local restrictions seem to go against this, which should I follow?

- Local and government restrictions take precedence in all decisions on club activity, Durham University and Team Durham have also imposed additional restrictions on activity to support our own delivery of services. NGB guidance is a final guide to how your club my reopen.

The New BUCS rules say we can train in larger groups, why can't we?

- The BUCS rules apply to areas not under local lockdown and the guidance on local restrictions take precedence

Why can certain activity take place indoors while others can't?

- The change in government regulation specifically prohibits non-household members from taking part in indoor sports. Exercise classes, personal training and other activity are still permitted following safe social distancing. Some sports are able to carry out some of their activities in a limited fashion practicing technique or fitness training.

Can I book a car for my teammates who live far away/to get to a session?

- In general car bookings are being restricted to a subset of clubs that require them for their normal operation. Outside of these exceptions may exist but all bookings must go through the Team Durham Sports Management Team, booking will only be accepted that have been approved by them and should only be done by Club Captains.

Why does my club not have S&C training?

- Due to capacities in the Performance hub it takes more timeslots to get through fewer people this year. TD has various commitments to certain clubs and other bodies to provide S&C and so these are prioritised. However we are looking to put on circuit sessions, provide S&C plans to clubs that have lost their provision and are exploring other methods of support to provide whilst this reduced capacity.

Can I travel with my team to play a friendly match?

- Currently government restrictions do not prevent leaving the local area, they do discourage it for non essential purposes however. Team Durham has set a tentative date of November 14th to start arranging friendly matches with other Universities and do not support clubs doing any such activity before this date. Restrictions may change so ensure to stay up to date with changes to local restrictions.

Why can I only have 15/30 on a court/pitch?

- In the restart of sport the ability of staff to support a large number of students is a concern. Therefore Team Durham has elected to restrict most sports to 50% capacity for the first 2 weeks of reopen, this translates as maximum 15 people on the indoor courts and 1 user group up to 30 on the pitches.

What if I train at Whinney Hill?

- The restrictions at Whinney Hill are the same as those at the MC pitches.

What if my club trains at Hild Bede West Gym?

- Due to current restrictions against non-college members entering college grounds it is not possible to return to Hild Bede West, we are looking to support clubs who train there wherever possible.

Can my club train at an external facility?

- We broadly support clubs training at external facilities however Risk Assessments and other due diligence should be in order. Sensible care should be taken to ensure the processes at an external facility (such as cleaning) are sufficiently robust to protect the safety of all members.

Who do I message if I need help?

- Your sport manager is a helpful point of call for many issues but if you are unsure who to message about a club issue, e.g. booking different timetable slots, then send an email to Chris at:

A member of my club has been tested positive/is isolating. Who should I tell?

- The member should have already self reported through the Banner service and NHS app. The Covid Lead Officer should immediately inform supplying the relevant registers of attendance and inform all club members who attended the same sessions that they may need to self isolate.