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PGCE Selection Process

Your application will be initially assessed alongside the entry criteria for the programme that you have applied for. If your application meets the entry criteria, then you will be invited to an interview. You should hear within a couple of working days of submitting your application whether you will be invited to interview.

Find more information about the entry criteria in course detail pages.


Interviews are an important part of the PGCE application process. All PGCE applicants must undertake an interview and pass it successfully in order to receive an offer. You must interview and receive your outcome within 40 working days of applying for the programme so make sure you will be able to interview within that timeframe before you submit an application. 

As part of your interview you will be required to do a presentation.  

After your interview you will receive the outcome via UCAS within a couple of working days. 

Information for Offer Holders

Once you have received a decision from us then reply to UCAS with your firm choice by the deadline showing on UCAS Track.

Your offer will include academic and professional conditions. Once you have met all the academic conditions, you will need to provide evidence of this through our Document Upload Form. Once this is live, we will contact all offer holders. Further instruction on how to meet the professional conditions will be sent to you after you have received your offer. 

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