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Additional Charges

Additional charges include:

Administrative Charges 

Administrative Charges for Examinations 

For initial Degrees, Diplomas and Higher Degrees, no examination fee is normally payable for the first written examination attempt, the first submission of a thesis, or the first submission of a musical exercise. Exceptions:

  • Additional charge for students taking examinations in centres other than Durham: £50
  • Higher Doctorates (DD, DLitt, DSc, DMus) Application Fee: £500
  • Higher Doctorates (DD, DLitt, DSc, DMus) Examination Fee: £700 

Administrative Fees for Re-Examinations (in whole or part) 
Doctoral Level: PhD, EdD, MD, DThM and DBA

  • On submitting a revised thesis: £120
  • For a second oral or written examination: £90 

Masters by Research: MPhil, MLitt, MMus, MEd, MA, MSc, MJur, MTh, MProf.

  • On submitting a revised thesis: £50
  • PGCE final placement resit (any period of the 12 week placement, per week): £130  

General Administrative Charges

  • Late Registration: £70
  • Late Payment of Residence: £70
  • Late Payment of Tuition Fees: £70
  • Failure to apply for tuition fee loan: £100
  • Returned cheques and rejected direct debits: £25
  • Amendment to sponsorship details: £25
  • Reinstatement after withdrawal by University for non-payment of debt: £200  

Other Charges Appearing in the General Regulations: 

  • Discipline: maximum fine imposed by VC or PVC for student disciplinary offence: £225
  • Motor Vehicles: fine per wheel clamping: £50
  • Motor Vehicles: subsequent offence: £100
  • Cycles: breach of regulations: £50
  • Display of promotional material: £50

Fees for Students on Continuation 

Continuation fees are payable by all postgraduate research students who have completed course requirements for particular Higher Degrees or Diplomas but who still have to submit theses or dissertations or to enter for written examinations to complete examination requirements, in order to maintain registration for the Degree/Diploma concerned.

Degree Course 


MBA by Distance Learning 

25% of fee for relevant stage 

Postgraduate, up to first 12 Months 

10% of fee, to nearest £5 

Postgraduate, 12 Months and over 

15% of fee, to nearest £5 


  • Postgraduate student continuation fees are not charged in the first three months (the “grace period”).
  • Students requiring an extension to the period of continuation of more than 12 months on medical grounds may apply to the Curriculum and Learning Assessment Office for an exemption from the increased continuation fee.
  • Commencing 1st October 2023, continuation fees will be re-introduced following a period of suspension between 2020-2023 owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. Continuation fees will be set at 10% of the Home tuition fee (applicable to both Home and Overseas students) for the first year of the continuation period and will be followed by 15% for the second year. Calculations based on the 2022/23 Home tuition fee, continuation fees for all students will be approximately £460 for the first year and £690 for the second year. 2023/24 PGR fees are due to be published circa April/May 2023.

Tuition Fee Deposits for Postgraduate Taught Programmes

All self-funding students classified as international (according to EU regulations), who require a visa to study in the UK, will be required to pay a Tuition Fee Deposit. The purpose for this deposit is to help demonstrate that they have the finances required in order for them to enter the UK to study. This information is given within their CAS documentation, which is presented to the UKVI when applying for a British VISA. Deposits are taken once an offer has been issued. Applicants are asked to pay within 6 weeks of the date of their offer. The deposit they pay will be credited to their account with the University and so reduce the amount that they have to pay when they are at Durham. 

  • Standard deposit amount for all Postgraduate Taught Programmes (excluding below): £1,000
  • Deposit amount for MSc Business School Programmes: £2,000 

Only the following Departments require Tuition Fee Deposits for Home/EU students: 

  • Archaeology: £500 
  • All Business School Programmes: £500