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What to bring with you

It can be very tempting to try and bring as much luggage you possibly can with you, however please remember that there are lots of shops locally where you will be able to source most items.
Find out more about custom regulations in the UK
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 What to bring

Purple Line Separator Slim

Make sure to check out the luggage policy with your airline provider before you travel (Please remember not to bring too much luggage, no more than two suitcases is advised).

Personal Items 



  • Waterproof jacket 
  • Layers of clothing – including some warm layers!
  • Formal clothing (for special events, such as college formals)



  • Medication 
  • Travel-size items (skincare/bodywash/shampoo etc.) 
  • Any specific products that you like to use 


 What not to bringPurple Line Separator Slim

 Find out more about regulations on bringing goods into the UK.

*Electronic items - Make sure they are compatible with the UK voltage system and safe to use before you travel! 

*Food - Make sure to check out the regulations on bringing food/animal products to the UK.