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Students Studying Pre-sessional Programmes with DCAD

Students in lecture

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Pre-sessional students

If you are studying on a pre-sessional course with DCAD and also have an offer to study a degree programme with the University you will have two different student IDs. One student ID for your study with DCAD and a different student ID for your main programme of study. You will be expected to do the following: 

  • Enrol with the University as an pre-sessional student, preferably before you arrive 
  • Have your identity verified at during induction for the pre-sessional programme 
  • You will also need to have your visa and passport checked by the Student Immigration Office. 

For more information, please visit our Student Immigration pages. Summer pre-sessional students will do this automatically during induction on the first day 

  • Collect your campus card.

Once you have completed your pre-sessional programme and you have been accepted onto your main programme of study, you will need to: 

  • Re-enrol with the University 
  • Register for optional modules 
  • Have your identity verified at your college 
  • You may also have further visa and passport checks with the Student Immigration Office. See our Student Immigration pages for further information. Summer pre-sessional students will receive guidance and support during their study with DCAD 
  • Collect a new campus card.

Before you can enrol and register for your main programme of study you need to allow time for several University processes to be completed including: updates to student records, completion of admissions processes, IT account adjustments. When these have been completed, you will receive the login email for your main programme of study. Please see notes below on username and password information. 

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College information

Please note that all pre-sessional student records are assigned to Josephine Butler College for the duration of the pre-sessional programme. Students may be assigned to a different college for the duration of their main programme and the student record for the main programme will show the college details.

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Term time address information

Please make sure that you update your term time address when you enrol on your pre-sessional programme and again when you enrol for your main programme of study. 

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Username and password information

Your username and password for your main programme of study will be the same as the username and password you had for the pre-sessional programme. Although you won’t be able to enrol on your main programme of study until you have received the login email after you have completed your pre-sessional programme.