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School of Government & International Affairs

Staff Profiles

Dr Christian Schweiger

Senior Lecturer in Government in the School of Government and International Affairs
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 47220

(email at


I hold a German MA in Politics, Sociology and English from the University of Regensburg and a PhD in Politics from the University of Derby, where I had worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant from 2000 until 2004.

Before joining SGIA in 2006, I was employed as Research Fellow in the Employment Research Centre at Trinity College Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

Personal blog on European Affairs

Research Projects

I am the principal coordinater of the UACES collaborative research network The EU-27 Single Market in the Global Economy. The network assesses the impact of the global financial crisis and the subsequent sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone on economies in the Single European Market. 

My latest publication which is based on my research activities in the network is the monograph The EU and the Global Financial Crisis: New Varieties of Capitalism is published at Edward Elgar.

I am also the co-coordinator of the UACES collaborative research network Assessing Accession: Central and Eastern Europe in the EU which monitors the transition processes in the ten CEE member states of the EU. I was Visiting Fellow at the Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) within the Slovak Atlantic Commission in Bratislava in 2013. My research project concentrated on examining the role of the Visegrad-4 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) in the EU under crisis conditions.

I am currently writing a new monograph on the EU's legitimacy crisis which will be published at Edward Elgar in 2016. I am also in the process of preparing a new project with partners across Central and Eastern Europe which will examine the future role of the CEE member states in the EU.

UACES Single Market in the Global Economy Collaborative Research Network



UACES 'Assessing Accession' Collaborative Research Network


Research Groups

  • Nations, Nationalisms and Diasporas

Research Interests

  • European Union (Institutions, Policies, Political Economy)
  • Global Political Economy
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • British and German Politics
  • Transatlantic Relations


Books: authored

Books: edited

Conference papers

  • Schweiger, Christian (2015), 'Fokus 2017: Neuverhandlunen der britischen Mitgliedschaft - Verhandlungsrahmen, Optionen, Restriktionen', 'Entfremdet vereint? Das Vereinigte Koenigreich und Europa'. Fraueninsel/Chiemsee, Germany, Politische Akademie Tutzing, Germany.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2015), 'The EU's legitimacy crisis: Challenges and perspectives', UACES 2015 annual conference. University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2015), 'The UK 2015 general election - watershed on the road towards EU exit?: Analysis and perspectives', UACES 2015 annual conference. University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2014), 'Germany and the CEE region in the EU: A secure partnership during troubled times', UACES 2014 annual Conference. University College Cork, Ireland.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2014), 'The British liberal market economy after the global financial crisis', Annual Conference of the Arbeitskreis Deutsche England Forschung (ADEF). Muehlheim/Ruhr, Germany.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2014), 'The Eurozone Fiscal Compact: “Spillover” effects under crisis conditions’, UACES Collaborative Research Network Conference Centre-periphery relations in the European Union as an emerging cleavage of European politics and policy-making? Empirical studies on differentiated integration. Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2013), ‘The 2013 German federal elections – A watershed for Europe?’, Central European Policy Institute (CEPI), Slovak Atlantic Commission, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2013), 'Beyond the open method of coordination - The EU's social dimension under crisis conditions', The European Social Model: What next?. Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2013), 'The Eurozone Fiscal Compact: "Spillover" effects under crisis conditions', Centre-periphery relations in the European Union as an emerging cleavage of European politics and policy-making? Empirical studies on differentiated integration. Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany..
  • Schweiger, Christian (2013), 'What about sovereignty? The political implications of the Eurozone fiscal compact', PSA 2013 Annual Conference. Cardiff, Wales.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2012), 'International Perspectives: The European Union', The Arab Spring: Between Authoritarianism and Revolution. Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World, SGIA, Durham University.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2011), 'Die Wahl zum britischen Unterhaus 2010', Department of Politics. University of Chemnitz, Germany.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2011), 'From de-regulation towards re-regulation? The revision of the EU Single Market Policy Framework', UACES 2011 Annual Conference. University of Cambridge.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2011), 'The EU after the economic crisis and Europe 2020: Towards a closer coordination of economic policy?', Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. University of Manchester.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2011), 'The EU2020 Strategy: Learning the Lessons from the Crisis', UACES collaborative research network on the 'EU-27 Single Market in the Global Economy' workshop 'Assessing the EU2020 Strategy'. Durham University.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2011), 'The eurozone after the global economic crisis', European Society. University of St. Andrews, UK.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2010), 'Strategic partnership options for Germany in the EU-27', 2010 Annual PSA Conference. University of Edinburgh, UK.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2010), 'The performance of the CEE member states in the Single Market', UACES 'Assessing Accession' Research Network 3rd Annual Symposium. Bucharest, Romania.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2009), 'Germany and the future enlargement of the EU: Towards finality?', 2009 Annual PSA Conference. University of Manchester, UK.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2009), 'Perspectives for the Lisbon Strategy afer the Credit Crunch', ECPR General Conference 2009. University of Potsdam, Germany..
  • Schweiger, Christian (2009), 'Poland's Role in the EU 27 - From Candidate Country Towards Leading Player?', UACES 'Assessing Accession' Research Network 2nd Annual Symposium. Gyor, Hungary.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2008), 'The European Social Model and the Single Market policy framework', ESRC seminar 'The completion of the Single European Market - the EU policy framework'. Durham University.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2007), 'Beyond growth and jobs: New domestic priorities in the member states', Workshop 'An alternative to the market: The social, political and economic role of public services in Europe'. European Trade Union Institute, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2007), 'Germany's role in the leadership constellation of the EU-27', PSA Joint Specialist Group Workshop 'The Lisbon Treaty and the Future of the European Union'. University of Glasgow, UK.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2007), 'Intrinsic Instability in the Semi-Sovereign State: The Lessons from the Merkel Grand Coalition Government', 57th Annual Conference of the British Political Studies Association. University of Bath.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2007), 'The end of the "Volkspartei"? Changes in the German Party System under the current Grand Coalition Government, 33rd Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of German Politics. University of Edinburgh.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2006), 'Decision-Making in the Single Market of 25, ERC Workshop, Employment in the Enlarging European Union- Towards a New Flexibility?. Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2005), 'Au Revoir Paris? The New European Policy Approach of the CDU/CSU', Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, PSA German Politics Specialist Group Workshop..
  • Schweiger, Christion (2005), 'Is the Tiger Eating its Children? The two sides of the Irish Employment Model', International Working Party on Labour Market Segmentation. Berlin, Germany.
  • Schweiger, Christian (2005), 'The EU Social Model and the Internal Market Strategy', EU 6th Framework Project 'DYNAMO' Workshop. Budapest, Hungary.

Edited works: contributions

Edited works: journals

Journal papers: academic

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Selected Grants

  • 2010: The EU-27 Single Market in the Global Economy (£4990.00 from UACES)
  • 2010: UACES Collaborative Research Network Grant 'The EU-27 Single Market in the Global Economy'
  • 2008: ESRC seminar series 'The Enlargement of the Single European Market'


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