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School of Government & International Affairs

Staff Profiles

Dr Maria Dimova-Cookson, B.A. (Sofia), M.A. (York), D. Phil. (York)

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Maria Dimova-Cookson completed her DPhil in Politics on the political philosophy of the British idealists at the University of York. She has previously studied philosophy as an undergraduate at Sofia University and MA in political philosophy at the University of York. Her academic appointments have been at UCL, as a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, UEA, as a visiting fellow and University of Sheffield as a lecturer in political theory. Since September 2005 Dr Dimova-Cookson has been a lecturer in politics at Durham University.

Dr Dimova-Cookson has been actively involved in the setting up and the running of the PSA British idealism specialist group. She has been a co-editor and is currently on the editorial board of the journal Contemporary Political Theory. She has been involved in the work of Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought by convening the annual conference in 2012. Dr Dimova-Cookson is a director of the Centre for the History of Political Thought.

Research Groups

  • Durham Human Rights Centre (Law School)
  • Nations, Nationalisms and Diasporas
  • The History of Political Thought

Research Interests

  • British idealism and British political thought in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century
  • Theories of liberty
  • Justice and human rights
  • Multiculturalism
  • The political philosophy of the British Idealists, moral issues in contemporary political theory: the nature of the moral good, solution of moral conflicts

Indicators of Esteem


Books: authored

Books: edited

Edited works: contributions

  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2014). “Do We Owe More to Fellow Nationals? The Particular and Universal Ethics in Bosanquet’s General Will and Miller’s Public Culture”. In Ethical Citizenship. British Idealism and the Politics of Recognition. Brooks, Thom 200-23.
  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2014). “Welfarist and Moral Justifications of the Strong State: Reconciling Hobhouse’s and Bosanquet’s Perspectives on the Role of the State”. In The Victorian Legacy in Political Thought. Catherine Marshall and Stephane Guy Oxford: Peter Lang. 145-66.
  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2013). “T.H. Green”. In Wiley-Blackwell's International Encyclopaedia of Ethics. LaFollette, Hugh Wiley-Blackwell. 2238-2243.
  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2013). 'Defending Isaiah Berlin's Distinctions between Positive and Negative Freedoms'. In Isaiah Berlin and the Politics of Freedom: Berlin's 'Two Concepts of Liberty' 50 years Later. Baum, Bruce & Nichols, Robert New York: Routledge. 73-86.
  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2012). “Late nineteenth and early twentieth century British Thought”. In The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy. Gaus, Gerald & D’Agostino, Fred London: Routledge. 146-157.
  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2012). 'Subaltern Studies, Post-colonial Marxism and ‘Finding Your Place to Begin from’ An Interview with Dipesh Chakrabarty'. In Dialogues with Contemporary Political Theorists. Browning, Gary, Prokhovnik, Raia & Dimova-Cookson, Maria Palgrave Macmillan. 58-73.
  • Browning, Gary, Prokhovnik, Raia & Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2012). Introduction - Dialogues with Contemporary Political Theorists: Then and Now. In Dialogues with Contemporary Political Theorists. Browning, Gary, Prokhovnik, Raia & Dimova-Cookson, Maria Palgrave Macmillan. 1-23.
  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2012). Republicanism, Philosophy of Freedom and the History of Ideas: An Interview with Philip Pettit. In Dialogues with Contemporary Political Theorists. Browning, Gary, Prokhovnik, Raya & Dimova-Cookson, Maria Palgrave. 155-169.
  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2009). "Introduction". In Multiculturalism and Moral Conflict. Dimova-Cookson, Maria & Stirk, P.M.R. Routledge. 1-16.
  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2007). 'A new scheme of positive and negative freedom: re-constructing T. H. Green on freedom'. In T. H. Green. Morrow, John Ashgate. 149-173.
  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (2006). 'Resolving Moral Conflicts:British Idealist and Contemporary Liberal Approaches to Value Pluralism and Moral Conduct'. In T.H.Green: Ethics, Metaphysics and Political Philosophy. Dimova-Cookson, Maria & Mander, William J. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 292-315.

Journal papers: academic