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School of Government & International Affairs


Academic Staff: Dr Jutta Bakonyi Associate Professor in Development and Conflict 45681
Dr Ilan Zvi Baron Associate Professor in International Political Theory 47221
Dr Carly Beckerman Assistant Professor in the International Relations of the Middle East 45666
Dr Gordon C.K. Cheung Associate Professor in International Relations of China 45682
Dr Gidon Cohen Associate Professor 47184
Dr May Darwich Assistant Professor in the International Relations of the Middle East 45672
Dr Christopher Davidson Associate Professor (Reader) in Middle East Politics 45676
Dr Maria Dimova-Cookson Associate Professor 47182
Professor Anoush Ehteshami Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah Chair in International Relations 45662
Professor Christopher Finlay Professor 45604
Professor Shaun Gregory Professor of International Security and Director of the Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU) 45687
Dr Cameron Harrington Assistant Professor in International Relations 45665
Professor David Held Professor of Political Science 41054 Contact David Held
Professor Clive Jones Professor of Regional Security 45675
Dr Elizabeth Kahn Assistant Professor in Political Theory 45684
Dr Stefanie Kappler Associate Professor in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding 45667
Dr Patrick M Kuhn Assistant Professor in Comparative Politics 47204
Dr Pietro Maffettone Assistant Professor in Global Politics and Ethics 45348
Dr Adrian Millican Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Comparative Quantitative Politics 44293
Dr Mona Morgan-Collins Assistant Professor in Comparative Quantitative Politics
Professor Emma Murphy Professor of Political Economy 45668
Dr Julia Stapleton Associate Professor (Reader) in Politics 47205
Dr Peter Stirk Associate Professor 47183
Dr Claire Sutherland Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School 47206
Dr Neil Visalvanich Assistant Professor 47218
Dr Nick Vivyan Associate Professor 45881
Professor John Williams Professor and Head of School 45683
Dr Ruth Wittlinger Associate Professor 47181
Dr Joanne (Yuan) Yao Assistant Professor (Teaching) in International Relations 45677
Research Staff: Dr Srinjoy Bose COFUND Junior Research Fellow 45653
Dr Mark Calder Power2Youth Research Associate Contact Mark Calder
Dr Hilary Ingram Research Associate Contact Hilary Ingram
Dr Amjed Rasheed Research Associate - OWRI Project
Dr Mark Shaw Research Officer 44461
Teaching Staff: Dr Oana Burcu Teaching Fellow in East Asian Politics
Dr Corina Filipescu Teaching Fellow in EU Politics 45894
Dr Marzieh Kouhi-Esfahani Teaching Fellow in Middle East Politics 45658
Dr Kyuteg Lim Teaching Fellow in Global Political Economy
Dr Lewis Mates Teaching Fellow in Politics
Dr Kevin Miller Teaching Fellow 45651
Dr Richard Murphy Tutor (Part-time)
Dr Lena S Opfermann Teaching Fellow in Post-Conflict Reconstruction 45657
Dr Thomas Packer Teaching Fellow in US Politics
Administrative Staff: Mrs Wendy Redhead Senior School Administrator 45688
Support Staff: Miss Rebecca Appleby Events Support and Research Co-ordinator 45742
Mrs Kelly Guy Undergraduate Programmes Manager 45689
Miss Lauren Huntley Postgraduate Co-ordinator (MA and Research Programmes) 45751
Barry McGuire Postgraduate Co-ordinator (MSc programmes) 45561
Miss Zoe Papagiannouli Undergraduate Assistant 45606
Ms Frances Redhead Finance Administrator 45723
Miss Kimberley Walton Undergraduate Assistant 45656 Contact Kimberley Walton
Associated Staff: Mrs Louise Haysey BRISMES Administrator 45179
Professor Thom Brooks Associate
Dr Eva-Maria Nag Global Policy Journal Executive Editor 45709 Contact Eva-Maria Nag
Dr Mamtimyn Sunuodula Area Studies Librarian 42961
Honorary & Visiting Research Fellows: Dr Lorraine Holmes Honorary Fellow
Professor Niv Horesh Visiting Research Fellow
Professor Paul Luft Honorary Research Fellow Contact Paul Luft
Mr James Michael Page Honorary Research Fellow Contact James Michael Page
Dr Stephen Welch Honorary Fellow