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School of Government & International Affairs

Postgraduate Study

We recognise the complexities of political life and apply a shared imperative of rigour, analysis, and in-depth investigation across all of our studies. We offer an education that goes beyond the job market, our education is about being better human beings and good citizens. In a democracy, active citizenship requires awareness and participation and both the ability to understand and assess public debates.

We pride ourselves on turning students into independent researchers who take responsibility for their own learning. We do this by offering students theoretical and methodological training that will allow them to develop the skills required to fully understand, evaluate and eventually produce knowledge about politics and international relations.

As a research intensive School, situated within a world class university, we ensure that teaching and scholarly enquiry go hand in hand.

'One example of my fantastic academic experience was having the opportunity to meet and interview a former CIA director as part of a module. I couldn't ask for a stronger faculty, more relevant coursework, or more interesting peers.'

Alexandra, MSc Defence, Development, Diplomacy