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School of Government & International Affairs

Past Events

Henry Tudor Memorial Service

9th March 2009, 17:15, Room 102, The Al-Qasimi Building, Elvet Hill Road, Durham

'Realism, Moralism, and Reason of State: Max Weber and Modern Political Thought'

by Dr Peter Lassman (Birmingham University)

Dr Peter Lassman’s research interests include the history of political thought (from Plato to Nato) and contemporary political philosophy. The unifying theme is the problem of reason and rationality in politics. In particular he is interested in the idea of value pluralism as a problem in political philosophy. This has led him to work on a range of diverse political thinkers and philosophers that includes Max Weber, Isaiah Berlin, John Rawls, and Stuart Hampshire. Linked to this is an interest in the relationship between concepts of the political and the idea of a social science. Dr Lassman is Founder Editor of the European Journal of Political Theory and Associate Editor of History of the Human Sciences.

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