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Durham University

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Call for Papers: Histories and Rhythms of Urban Violence

(25 June 2018)

Call for papers: The Durham Global Security Institute together with the University of Erfurt, Arnold Bergstraesser Institute in Freiburg and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences are organizing a workshop on the Histories and Rhythms of Urban Violence: Global-Local Encounters in the Nexus of Space and Time’. 

This interdisciplinary workshop will take place in Erfurt, Germany, on December 6-7th, 2018. The event seeks to explore the generative capacities of violence and how they transform space and time in the city. We invite papers (e.g. empirical case studies, comparative studies, theoretical and conceptual papers) from a wide range of disciplines and a variety of methodological and analytical approaches to the study of spatio-temporal practices of violence in cities. The papers should address any of the following four themes:


  1. Spatio-temporal practices of violence: What are spatio-temporal effects of violence on the production and transformation of the urban? How do specific practices of violence shape rhythms of life? How do particular qualities of urban space and city rhythms produce and shape violence and generate different forms of violence?
  2. Memories, narratives, symbolic and visual representations of violence: What role do spatio-temporal practices have in remembering (urban) violence? How are memories of violence embedded in the city’s spatial and temporal configurations? How do visual representations of violence (media, art, monuments, etc.) affect the space-time of the city? How do visual representations of violence transform and rearrange space and time of the city? What are the peculiarities of sacral space with regard to violence and what role do religious rhythms and cycles or imaginations of time play with regard to urban violence?
  3. Methods to study the space-time of violence and its relation to the city: how we can build on existing time-space “measures” to understand the space-time of violence and its relations to the city?
  4. Theorizing the relation between time-space-violence and the city: How can we understand the ruptures and destructive features of violence and its capacities to initiate and accelerate change? What connection can we draw between abstract (capitalist) time and the very concrete violent enactments that helped to produce abstract time and that continue to shape its execution?


Abstract Submission: For this workshop we invite abstracts of proposed papers of up to 1.500 words. Please submit them by 1 September 2018 to When accepted, participants are expected to submit papers of around 5000 words four weeks prior to the workshop, on 7 November 2018. Workshop presentations should be kept short.


This promises to be an very interesting interdisciplinary event, we hope to see many of you applying and presenting.

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