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16 January 2024 - 16 January 2024

11:00AM - 12:00PM

Nine DTP/DRMC Hub. 1st Floor, Arthur Holmes Building. Left of the Calman Learning Centre. Signposted DRMC.

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Seminar Topic - Registered Reports (RR)

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Seminar Topic - Registered Reports (RR) by Dr. Thuy-vy T Nguyen, Associate Professor in Psychology

In this session, Dr. Thuy-vy Nguyen will lead a discussion around Registered Reports (RR) – a publishing format that allows researchers to submit the paper prior to data collection (or data analyses at some journals). The paper (referred to as Stage 1 RR) is then evaluated by a team of editor and reviewers based on its research questions, design and data collection methods, prior to the results of such research are known. Once the paper passes Stage 1 RR phase, the paper receives acceptance in principle, and the researchers will proceed to carry out the research and write up the findings for Stage 2 RR manuscript. This format has been praised to reduce the likelihood of publication bias, although some believe RR might only be particularly useful for confirmatory research and certain disciplines. The session will be divided into two parts. Because Dr. Nguyen is in Psychology, for the first part she will explain the process of preparing Stage 1 and Stage 2 RRs for Psychology journals. For the second part, she hopes to engage attendees from different disciplines to discuss advantages and disadvantages of RR for their field or research. Reading:

Held in conjunction with DRMC, Durham Library and the Durham RIOTs Club.