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Quantitative and qualitative non-credit-bearing training courses for postgraduate students and staff at Durham University as well as for external organisations - contact us to discuss your training needs.

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R course

The R Course is run from this Teams site with more information under the R Course Instructions tab.  This non-credit-bearing training course is free and available to:

  • Durham University postgraduate students. 
  • NINE DTP students.
  • Durham Research/Teaching/Academic Staff.

To take the course, please first register here.  You can then start the course at any time and take it a pace to suit you (the material takes 1-3 days to work through). 

  • This course, developed by DRMC Fellow, Sally Street, aims to give you sufficient basic understanding and experience with R to use it in your own research, leaving you equipped to develop your own R skills further to suit your individual needs. 
  • Content includes: data manipulation, graphing, some common descriptive and inferential statistics including an introduction to the general linear model (regression modelling).
  • We do not assume any prior knowledge of R, or any coding experience. 
  • We do assume that you have some conceptual understanding and experience in data manipulation, graphing data and running basic statistical tests such as the t-test, ANOVA or correlation tests using different software (e.g. SPSS). 
  • The course is run through Teams to facilitate online chat to discuss content, and a Demonstrator on Call service, where you can regularly ask questions to our statistician, Dr. Bilal Ashraf.  The aim is to help you tailor the generic material to your individual research needs.

After taking the course, you can develop your skills further by visiting our Useful R Packages and Training Resources tab, developed by DRMC Fellow, Adrian Millican.

(If the link to the Teams site above does not work, you should log in to your Durham University account on the Teams app and then search ‘Durham Research Methods R Course’. Any member of DU can access this Team.)


National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM)

You can sign up for these courses on the NCRM training website.

As an Associate Centre of NCRM, we are currently delivering short courses on:

  • Conducting Ethnographic Research
  • Multilevel Modelling: A Robust analytical method for randomised control education trials
  • An Introduction to Meta-analysis for the Social Sciences
  • Introduction to Systematic Reviews


Cultural Evolution Methods Training

We are delivering methods training as part of the Cultural Evolution Society’s capacity-building grant, funded by the John Templeton Foundation.  This training will be conducted in Colombia, Ethiopia and Thailand in 2022.