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Research Theme 2

THEME 2: Creating tools for navigating the global methods landscape
We live today in a complex methods landscape, comprised of an unprecedented number of choices, options, and combinations – from computational modelling and statistics to qualitative methods and applied mathematics to big data mining and digital methods. Differences in definition, choice and methodological use also exist within and across areas of study, based on competing disciplinary understandings of how knowledge and reality are best understood. The same for relevance and accessibility: the new methods landscape is not equally available to everyone or, globally speaking, equally applicable to different topics or challenges.
Given these challenges, the DRMC will break new ground in mapping the methods landscape, equipping researchers to navigate methods choices safely and effectively, increasing accountability, equitability and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging DRMC’s interdisciplinary strengths, we will enable researchers to take advantage of complementary methodological developments by facilitating cross-disciplinary transfer. We are focused on four areas:
FOCUS 1: Curating methods  
FOCUS 2: The genealogy of research methods
FOCUS 3: The epistemology of methods
FOCUS 4: Mapping complexity


Current projects linked to this theme involving our DRMC team include:

FOCUS 1: Curating Methods

  • Model maintenance and updating.
  • Mapping the current methods landscape.

 FOCUS 2: The Genealogy of Research Methods

  • Convergent and divergent evolution of methods.
  • Co-evolution of methods and knowledge.

 FOCUS 3: The Epistemology of Methods 

  • Patterns of method combination.
  • Methods as disciplinary identity.

FOCUS 4: Mapping Complexity 

  • Mapping the complexity science online tool.
  • Sociology and complexity science blog.
  • The Atlas of social complexity.