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The new Distance Learning MA module, ‘Catholic Theology: A Preliminary Tour’, is now open for applications for September 2024.

Catholic Theology: A Preliminary Tour explores the nature of theology in the Catholic tradition, providing a first step into, and a grounding for, postgraduate theological study. It is designed to enable people with first degrees in a range of disciplines to test their interest in theology, while also extending and deepening the engagement with key elements in the Catholic tradition for those who may have studied theology before.

This is a stand-alone module from the MA in Catholic Theology by Distance Learning, that can be completed on its own or used as a stepping stone into the Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, or MA in Catholic Theology by Distance Learning especially by those whose former academic study was in an area other than Theology or a closely related academic discipline. 

Professor Karen Kilby, Co-Director of the CCS and Bede Professor of Catholic Theology, said: 'I'm delighted we are able to offer this preliminary tour of Catholic theology as a stand-alone module, so that a wider range of people will be able to access the academic study of theology, and those who are not quite sure whether a whole MA is for them will have a chance to "taste and see".'

Find out more about Catholic Theology: A Preliminary Tour.