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Audio- and Video-Recordings

260 wideThe CCS has created a large collection of recent talks, some of which are available as videos and others of which are available as audios. The audios can be accessed via SoundcloudApple Podcasts and Spotify, and the videos are available via the CCS’s YouTube channel. 


Resources from 2019’s Franciscan Legacy Conference

In 2019, the CCS hosted the Franciscan Legacy conference, bringing together members of the Franciscan family, theologians, historians, and others to explore the continuing significance of St Francis and Franciscan traditions. Audios from the conference are available on Soundcloud, including talks by Ilia Delio, Mona Siddiqui, and John McCafferty. Some of the other papers are available as pdfs – the full programme is here and if you would like to a request a paper, please email  


Resources on Receptive Ecumenism 

A list of publications and resources on Receptive Ecumenism 


The Outreach of Our Two Endowed Chairs  

The CCS has created two pioneering academic Chairs, each of which commit 20% of their time to community outreach and engagement: 

The Bede Chair

The Bede Chair in Catholic Theology stands in a special relationship to the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. The Bede Professor serves as theological advisor to the Bishop, speaks at diocesan and parish level events, and engages with teachers and students in the Diocesan school system. Recent talks from Karen include: 


In collaboration with Prof Clare Carlisle of King's College London, and supported by the Widening Horizons in Philosophical Theology project, run by Judith Wolfe at St Andrews, Karen has also published a report on academic theological writing, based on their findings from a series of group writing retreats at Douai Abbey.

Download the report, along with supplementary material by Dr Elizabeth Powell, below.


Phenomenology of Theological Practice Modelling Enquiry and Poesis.pdf

Supplementary material:

Literature Review - Guides to Dissertation Writing in the Humanities by Dr Elizabeth Powell.pdf


The St Hilda Post 

The St Hilda Chair, specialising in Catholic Social Thought and Practice, works with faith based organisations, policy makers, activists, social entrepreneurs and Church groups (among others). Recent resources by Anna include: 


Covid-19 Resources: Thoughts on the Pandemic

CCS members offer some thoughts about the pandemic - some words of hope, consolation, food for thought and more. 

CCS Staff

 CCS Students 

Other CCS Members 


Two-Year Patristic Lectionary

A 'patristic lectionary' is a series of readings from the fathers (in Latin patres) of the Church. Here we make available a two-year patristic lectionary initially edited by Stephen Mark Holmes (University of Edinburgh School of Divinity) and subsequently re-edited and formatted by Michele Freyhauf (Durham University); for Pluscarden Abbey, Scotland. The aim of this two-year patristic lectionary is: 

  • To have each patristic reading either related to the Scripture reading or to the season of the Church's year. 
  • To have a reading for every day of the Temporal cycle (i.e., including days such as Christmas, Ascension, Sacred Heart). 
  • To have the vast majority of the 'patristic' readings from the Fathers of the Church, although following medieval precedent writers such as Origen have been included. This gives it ecumenical value. 
  • To use readings from the one year cycle in the Divine Office and the two year cycle of Word in Season whenever possible. 
  • To include the texts of a complete two-year Scripture cycle, as approved by the Holy See, for use with the patristic readings. 

Download the full two-year patristic lectionary