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Department of Philosophy

Forthcoming Research Seminars and Lectures

Dr Joe Saunders
Research Seminar Coordinator

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18th January 2018: Xi-Yang Guo (Durham) - Properties, Universals, and Respects

(14 September 2017)

Weekly Research Seminar

This Weekly Research Seminar will commence at 11:30am in room 005, 48/49 Old Elvet, Durham. Refreshments will be available from 11:00am with the talk commencing at 11:30am.

Title: Properties, Universals, and Respects


Extant solutions to the problem of universals are inadequate. Property-based solutions fail to account for patterns of so-called determinate exclusion and single value; resemblance-based solutions fail to account for resemblance being in a respect. The problem, in both cases, boils down to a failure to account for respect structure. I argue that this problem is not fully remedied by appeal to determinable-determinate structure, or by appeal to subsets of powers. It is, however, remedied by appeal to a widely neglected category of respects. I sketch out a respect-based ontology, and argue that it offers distinctive resources for an account of properties. Finally, I briefly offer such an account. 


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