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Durham University

Department of Philosophy

Forthcoming Research Seminars and Lectures

Dr Joe Saunders
Research Seminar Coordinator

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07th March 2013: Simon Prosser (St Andrews) - Experiencing Rates of Change

(10 July 2012)

Weekly Research Seminar

This seminar will be held in room 005, 48/49 Old Elvet, Durham. Refreshments will be served from 11am with the talk commencing at 11.30am.

Title: Experiencing Rates of Change


Change is typically experienced as taking place at a rate. This most obvious example is motion; moving things seem to move at some rate. An obvious thought would be that when one’s experience is veridical, the relevant phenomenology just depends on the rate of the perceived motion. But, through a thought experiment involving a slowed-down subject in a slowed-down environment, I shall argue that this is not correct. This creates a prima facie challenge to intentionalism, the view that the phenomenal character of an experience is wholly determined by its representational content. I shall suggest a novel version of intentionalism that avoids the problem and has several advantages, according to which the phenomenal content of an experience consists of subject-environment relations similar to those that J. J. Gibson called affordances. Finally, I shall say something about how this issue relates to the question of how quickly time seems to pass.


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