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Department of Philosophy

Staff Research Interests

Palace Green Library

Palace Green Library

We are a pluralistic and friendly department, which accommodates work in 'analytic', 'Continental' and non-Western philosophical traditions. Current research by our staff and postgraduate students spans a notably diverse range of philosophical, historical and interdisciplinary topics. It is focused around the activities of five research groups/clusters:

Below is a list of staff and their primary interest areas. Not only does this indicate the breadth of research in the department, it is a good guide for prospective students looking for specialist supervision for their research project.

  • Dr Amanda Taylor Aiken - Phenomenology, philosophy of psychiatry, philosophy of mind, intersubjectivity, emotional experience, empathy and interaffectivity, interpersonal relations and alienation, hermeneutics.

  • Dr Daniel Becker - History of science, history of medicine and disease.

  • Prof Nancy Cartwright - Philosophy and history of science (especially physics and economics), causal inference, objectivity and evidence (especially on evidence-based policy).

  • Dr Matthew Eddy - Seventeenth- to nineteenth-century forms of scientific representation and argumentation including historical conceptions of mind, memory, matter, time, language, visuality, informatics, human origins and religion.
  • Dr SA Gambaudo - Gender/feminism, Janet Frame, Julia Kristeva, psychoanalysis.
  • Dr SC Gibb - Mental causation, categories of being, causation and Laws.
  • Dr AJ Hamilton - Aesthetics, history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of mind, political philosophy especially liberalism, Wittgenstein.
  • Dr RF Hendry - History and philosophy of quantum physics and chemistry, scientific method and rationality, scientific realism and anti-realism.
  • Professor W Hinzen - Philosophy of linguistics, semantics, syntax, truth.
  • Dr Simon Paul James - Environmental philosophy, the philosophy of Buddhism, phenomenology (especially Heidegger's work and that of Merleau-Ponty), virtue ethics (especially environmental virtue ethics).
  • Dr Ian James Kidd - Epistemology, ethics, history of philosophy and science C18-20, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of religion, philosophy of Science.
  • Professor EJ Lowe - Contemporary metaphysics, philosophy of logic and language, philosophy of mind and action, the philosophy of John Locke.
  • Dr Clare Mac Cumhaill - Philosophy of perception.
  • Professor Holger Maehle - Ethical issues in the history of medicine, history of medicine and the life sciences, history of pharmacology.
  • Dr A Pantazatos - Ethics, philosophy of archaeology and heritage.
  • Dr Wendy Parker - Philosophy of science (especially computer simulation, evidence), philosophical issues in climate science & meteorology, science and public policy
  • Professor Matthew Ratcliffe - Phenomenology, intersubjectivity and folk psychology, emotions, feelings and moods, the body, the sense of touch, psychiatric illness (particularly depression), and situated cognition.
  • Professor Julian Reiss - Philosophy of economics, evidence-based policy, causation, explanation.
  • Professor GF Scarre - Moral philosophy (especially utilitarianism), death, forgiveness, evil, John Stuart Mill.
  • Dr Elisabeth Schellekens - Aesthetics, emotions, ethics (including moral psychology), philosophy of Kant, philosophy of mind.
  • Dr Benedict Smith - Ethics, moral philosophy, philosophy of mind, epistemology, history of philosophy, philosophy of psychiatry.
  • Dr Matthew Tugby - Metaphysics of science, dispositions, properties.
  • Dr Peter Vickers - Inconsistency in science, scientific realism/anti-realism, eliminativism and pluralism, the methodology of philosophy of science (especially iHPS).
  • Dr Rachael Wiseman - Dreaming, integrity, self consciousness and 'I', Wittgenstein, Anscombe, philosophy of action.
  • Professor Alison Wylie - Philosophy of the social and historical sciences, specifically archaeology, and feminist philosophy of science.

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Durham Research Community

Durham University has specialists in many areas of philosophy.  If you would like to work with world-leading academics in an area which fascinates you, please have a look through our postgraduate degree programs here.