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Gender and Sexuality Research Network

Gender and Sexuality Research Network

About GSRN


The Gender & Sexuality Research Network at Durham is an inter-disciplinary forum where academics and post-graduates from different departments and faculties can discuss their research on gender and sexuality. The Network meets monthly for activities (Reading Groups, invited speakers, etc.).

If you are interested in undertaking research (including interdisciplinary research) in gender and/or sexuality at Durham and are looking for supervision, we hope the list below will help you in your search for a supervisor/supervisors.

Please visit the Gender and Sexuality Research Network blog for more information, news and discussion.


Faculty of Arts and Humanities




English Language Centre

Ms. Alannah Fitzgerald

Educational technology and computation linguistics that support the study of academic writing in English, and facilitate education in under resourced communites such as refugee camps in Bangladesh and along the Thai-Bermese boarder.  


English Studies

Prof. Pat Waugh


Dr. Jenny Terry

African American, Caribbean and black British writing; the work of women writers; feminist and postcolonial theory.



Dr. Cathy McClive

Men/women's bodies in early Modern France; attitudes towards menstruation; legal medicine; how gender affects medical expertise.


School of Modern Languages

Prof Lucille Cairns

Feminism, sexuality and gender in French literature and cinema; Jewish women's writing; the body in literature and cinema.

Dr. Santiago Fouz Hernandez

Sexuality and masculinities in contemporary Spanish cinema; the male body in cinema.



Dr. Sylvie Gambaudo

Child Development and gender; narratives of depression and madness.

Mr. Richard Stopford (PhD)

Relationships between economic structures, sexuality and sexual norms.


Theology and Religion

Allison Fenton (PhD)

Meaning of infant baptism for new mothers.



Faculty of Science





Dr Lynda Boothroyd

Attraction; role of testosterone in men; competitive behaviour and dominance amongst men; how female reproductive biology influences competitiveness/dominance amongst men; how children learn to become competitive.



Faculty of Social Sciences and Health




School of Applied Social Sciences

Dr. Maggie O'Neill

Prostitution and commercial sex-industry, migration/asylum.

Dr. Nicole Westmarland

Male violence against women.

Dr. Jo Phoenix

Prostitution, the governance of sex, gender and criminal justice.

Dr. Lizzie Seal Forthcoming.

Nathan Griffin (PhD Student)

Animal rights activism; critical pedagogy and Queer/post-structural/feminist theory.



Dr. Angharad Closs-Stephens

Time, Space and identity; community, nationalism, political emancipation and resistance.

Dr. Rachel Colls

Theories of sexual difference (Irigaray, Grosz, Braidotti); critical accounts of fatness and obesity; size and acceptance.

Dr. Anne Le Mare

Livelihoods, alternative trades and countries experiencing conflict and reconstruction.

Dr. Cheryl McEwan Forthcoming.
Dr. Bethan Evans Forthcoming.


Law School

Prof. Clare McGlynn

Feminism and law - especially legal regulation of pornography, prostitution and rape; and equality law - especially women lawyers and academics.

Dr. Neil Cobb

Sexuality and law - especially HIV status and criminalisation; same-sex partnerships and equality law; hate crimes.

Dr. Erika Rackley

Judicial diversity, particularly in relation to the jurisprudence of Baroness Hale who (so far) is the only female member of the UK Supreme Court; extreme pornography.


School of Medicine and Health

Dr. Angela Woods

Gender, embodiment and mental illness; posthumanism; gender and narrative.

Dr. Simon Forrest

Young masculinities, young people gender, sex and sexuality, gender and power in intimate relationships, gender and emotion, gender and identities, fatherhood and male parenting.

Dr. Lutz Sauerteig

History of sexualities; bodies and gender - especially shaping the sexual knowledge of the young (1880s - 1970s); and history of puberty (19th and 20th centuries).

Dr. Sally Brown

Young people; sexual health; risk; gender and health.



Further Information:

For further information about the Gender and Sexuality Research Network please contact:

Sylvie Gambaudo or visit her homepage.