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Department of Philosophy

John Henry Taylor

John Henry Taylor was a postgraduate researcher.

His main research interests are in philosophy of psychology, cognitive science and philosophy of mind, but he also has interests in metaphysics.

Thesis Title:
Consciousness and the heterogeneity of attention

Thesis Summary.

I am interested in the interaction between consciousness and attention, and how different kinds of attention may interact with different kinds of consciousness. I hold that we should accept a pluralistic account of attention, and that this is the most useful way to think about attention in relation to other interesting faculties of the mind. I have also argued in favour of a version ofphysicalism about consciousness based around the ‘powerful qualities’ view of properties.

Research Group

Mind, Metaphysics and Language


Professor E. J. Lowe, Dr. Peter Vickers, and Dr. S. C. Gibb



Taylor, J. H. (2013a). “Is Consciousness Science Fundamentally Flawed?” Journal of Consciousness Studies. Vol.20: No.3-4, pp.203-221.


Taylor, J. H. (2013b). “In Defence of Powerful Qualities.” Metaphysica. Vol. 14, pp.93-107


Taylor, J. H. (2013c). “Is the Grain of Vision Finer than the Grain of Attention? Response to Block.” Thought: a Journal of Philosophy. Vol.2: No.1, pp.20-28.


Taylor, J. H. (2013d). “Physicalism and Phenomenal Concepts: Bringing Ontology and Philosophy of Mind Together.” Philosophia. DOI: 10.1007/s11406-013-9458-x


Taylor, J. H. (forthcoming). “Is Attention Necessary and Sufficient for Phenomenal Consciousness?” Journal of Consciousness Studies.


Taylor, J. H. (forthcoming). “Review of After Physicalism by Benedikt Paul Göcke (ed.).” Mind.


Taylor, J. H. (forthcoming). "Against Unifying Accounts of Attention" Erkenntnis

Journal Work


External reviewer for the Journal of Consciousness Studies.


External reviewer for Philosophical Psychology.


External reviewer for Erkenntnis.


Internal reviewer for Kaleidoscope. (International, interdisciplinary postgraduate journal).


Papers Presented (Conferences etc.):


“Is Attention Necessary and Sufficient for Consciousness?” Open Sessions of the Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association. University ofExeter. July/2013.


 “Attention and Consciousness: Have we been asking the wrong questions?” Philosophy and Psychology: Integrating Research Across Disciplines. University of Durham. June/2013.


“Is Attention Necessary and Sufficient for Consciousness? Is this even a real dispute?” Consciousness, Attention and Perception for Postgraduates. University of Hertfordshire. April/2013


“Indeterminacy and visual experience.” MINDGRAD. University of WarwickDecember/2012. Respondent: Professor Matthew Nudds.


“Indeterminacy, attention and visual experience.” Durham-Bergen Conference. September/2012.


“Cognitive access and the hard problem.” Open Sessions of the Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association.University of Stirling. July/2012.


“Cognitive access and the hard problem.” Open Minds VII. University of Manchester. June/2012.


Papers Presented (Research Groups and workshops):

“Attention, demonstrative reference and the magic of pointing.” Mind, Language and Metaphysics Workshop. University of Durham. May/2013.


“Consciousness and the Heterogeneity of attention.” Weekly Research Seminar. University of Durham. January/2013.


“How to organise a conference: Dos and Don’ts.” Eidos postgraduate research group. University of Durham. December/2012.


“Consciousness and the Nature of attention.” Eidos postgraduate research group. University of Durham. November/2012.


“Could you be in excruciating pain right now?” Mind, Metaphysics and Language Workshop. University of Durham. Apr/2012.


“Kriegel and the Ontology of Consciousness.” Eidos <span >postgraduate workshop. University of Durham. Feb/2012


“Orgasm, Bats and Consciousness.” MCR Research Symposium, University of Durham. Feb/2012.


“Dispositions and Possibility.” Serious Metaphysics Group. University of Cambridge. Mar/2011.


“What We Talk About When We Talk About Physicalism.” MPhil Seminar. University of Cambridge. Nov/ 2010.


Funding Award

Durham Doctoral Studentship (£39,196) for study of a PhD in Philosophy, University of Durham. (Oct/2011)