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Department of Philosophy

Current Research Students

Our research students join our research community through membership of one of our five research clusters or the Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society. The lists below show our current students grouped by research cluster.

Aesthetics, Ethics, Environmental and Economic Philosophy and Politics

Name Start Year Supervisor Research Areas

Betinsky, Jakub

2017 Dr. Ben Smith

Ethics (moral realism), Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy (virtue ethics), Fact/value Dichotomy, Philosophy of Action, Elizabeth Anscombe, Bernard Williams, Ludwig Wittgenstein (philosophy of language/mind)

Brown, Jasmine

2016 Dr. Ben Smith

Ethics of Care

Brown, Walter

2012 Prof. Geoffrey Scarre

Moral Philosophy

Crosby, George

2016 Prof. Geoffrey Scarre

Ethics, political liberty, human rights and theories of justics

Dearlove, Laura

2012 Dr. Schellekens

Aesthetics; the consequences of contemporary technology on popular art

Hanson, Robert

2014 Prof. Geoffrey Scarre & Dr. Andreas Pantazatos

Archaeological ethics and virtue ethics

Hinds, Patrick

2014 Prof. Andy Hamilton

Philosophy of Music, Philosophy of Mind

Jacob, Salomé

2014 Prof. Andy Hamilton & Dr. Clare MacCumhaill

Philosophy of mind and philosophy of music

Kim, Byoungjae

2014 Prof. Andy Hamilton


Kinninmont, Daniel

2012 Prof. Robin Hendry

Metaphysics/Political Philosophy

Robinson, Philip

2016 Prof. Andy Hamilton

The ethics and aesthetics of gardens

Stuart, Richard

2016 Prof. Geoffrey Scarre

Philosophy - The Foundations of Ethics

Ventin, Marcus

2016 Dr. Simon James

Environmental and economic philosophy

Applied Phenomenology

Student Start Year Supervisor Research Areas

Fernandez, Anthony

2015 Dr. Simon James

phenomenology and philosophy of science

Havens, Holly

2012 Dr. Benedict Smith


Large, Lee

2014 Dr. Sylvie Gambaudo

Researching the reproduction of transgender identities in the context of medicalized narratives

Notess, Susan

2017 Dr. Benedict Smith

Applied Phenomenology, Aesthetics and Mind, Language and Metaphysics Research Clusters.

Shannon, Nathan

2012 Dr. Simon James

Moral phenomenology


Name Start Year Supervisor Research Areas

de Bruyckere, Anna

2013 Prof. Julian Reiss

Philosophy of economics, integrated history and philosophy of science, historical epistemology

Elliott, Alex

2016 Prof. Nancy Cartwright

Pluralism and realism in the philosophy of science

Fonseca, Alexandre

2017 Prof. Julian Reiss

Philosophy of Economics / Social Sciences

Huang, Chien-Yang

2014 Prof. Nancy Cartwright

Philosophy of Science, Causality and Theory of Evidence

Khosrowi, Donal

2015 Prof. Nancy Cartwright

Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Science, specifically modelling and experimentation in social sciences

Munslow, Tamlyn

2016 Prof. Nancy Cartwright

Evidence Based Policy

Nash, Erin

2014 Dr. Wendy Parker & Prof. Nancy Cartwright

Science in democratic societies, values in science, science communication ethics, expertise, the relevance of science and empirical research to political/social/moral philosophy and to public policy

Ramkumar, Sheena

2016 Prof. Julian Reiss

Developing simple rules to minimise co-seismic landslide hazard

History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

Name Start Year Supervisor Research Areas

Dunn, Rachel

2009 Dr. Matthew Eddy

Seeing and Believing: John Dalton and the Visual Culture of Experimental Science in British Dissenting Academies, 1770-1820

Kertész, Gergely

2013 Prof. Robin Hendry & Dr. Sophie Gibb

Philosophy of Science

Mulcahy, Ursula

2012 Dr. Matthew Eddy

Eighteenth Century Medicine in Edinburgh

Rossetter, Thomas

2015 Dr. Peter Vickers

History and Philosophy of Science

Sediva, Lenka

2017 Dr. Matthew Eddy

Visual Culture - History and philosophy of science and medicine

Stoyanov, Rossen

2016 Dr. Peter Vickers

Philosophy and History of Science

Traykova, Aleksandra

2012 Prof. Holger Maehle

Diseases, signs and symptoms: Rethinking Boorse's naturalistic account of diseases

Mind, Language and Metaphysics

Name Start Year Supervisor Research Areas

Giannini, Giacomo

2016 Dr. Matthew Tugby


Godfrey, Julie

2015 Dr. Matthew Tugby & Dr. Peter Vickers


Jones, William

2014 Prof. Wolfram Hinzen

The philosophy and neuroscience of self with a focus on grammar and its role in schizophrenia

Page, Benjamin

2017 Prof. Anna Marmodoro

Neo-Aristotelianism and the Metaphysics of Mind

Thomas, Andrew

2017 Dr. Sara Uckelman

Non-existence and intentionality

Williams, Richard

2016 Prof. Julian Reiss

Political philosophy and metaphysics

Woodard, Andrew

2009 Dr. Sara Uckelman

Linguistics and Philosophy of Language

Zhang, Ruoyu

2014 Dr. Peter Vickers